Why Is My Car Vibrating?

Why Is My Car Vibrating?

We think it’s safe to say most people have experienced their car vibrating. The car starts vibrating out of nowhere and you have no idea what’s happening. Maybe it starts vibrating as you stop at a stoplight or as you accelerate in the street. It is definitely a scary feeling because you don’t know what’s going on or what happens next. Read on to explore some of the causes of a vibrating car and how to spot what’s wrong so you’re better informed.

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Good Maintenance It’s Important

Before getting started on the causes of a car vibrating, we need to address that many car issues can be eliminated by having a good car maintenance plan. At Sudden Impact Auto we believe that a well-maintained vehicle will have fewer surprise issues and repairs than a car that is not. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, give us a call and we’ll get you set up for a car maintenance plan that can help you avoid unnecessary issues.

Why Is Your Car Vibrating?

Degrading Tires

Tired usually don’t age at the same rate. It all depends on how you drive and the chassis’s condition. Some tires age faster than others. This imbalance can be a cause for cars vibrating especially when they’re going at high speeds. When going at high speeds tires don’t grip the road uniformly.

When your car is vibrating the first thing you want to do is to examine the tires for any signs of wear and tear and then replacing them. Wear signs on specific points of the tire may mean that they to be rotated or balanced to get them back on track.

The Axle

The axle is in charge of transmitting power to the wheel and keeping the car on the ground. When you hit potholes and bumps, the axle can get misaligned or bent in such a way that it misaligned the tires. A few bumps won’t cause any immediate problems, but over time this misalignment will be enough to cause the car to vibrate.

The best way to fix axle issues is to have your car inspected by an auto repair body shop in Las Vegas. The repair shop should be able to do a thorough inspection and test the axle. 

The Engine

If there are no issues with your tires or your axle, you want to next look at your engine. Don’t let this frighten you because the engine has a lot of parts, and it can be anything. First of all, it could be the timing belt is worn out and it’s causing timing issues. Second of all, it could be loose hoses.

You should get your engine looked at by an experienced professional to assess where the damage is coming from. A certified auto body repair shop will be your best chance for fixing a car that is vibrating.

Sudden Impact Auto In Las Vegas

If your car is vibrating and you want help, the best thing to do is to take care of it as soon as possible. Or, you may be dealing with a bigger problem down the road. Come to Sudden Impact Auto for an inspection. We can tell you why it’s vibrating and how to fix it. Give us a call at 702-457-3002 today!