Why Choose Independent Auto Body Shop?

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Why Choose Independent Auto Body Shop?

Auto Repair in Las Vegas, NV

Getting into an auto collision is never fun. But dealing with the stress of having your vehicle repaired can take a heavy toll. More often than not after speaking with your insurance company, people generally don’t want to think about having to make decisions with who to get your car repaired from. They will go with the recommendation of the insurance company without much thought of if it is best for them. Here at Sudden Impact Auto Body we believe that taking the time to consider your options will benefit you in the long run, and here is why you should choose an auto body repair shop in Las Vegas.

Independent vs Insurance Auto Collision Repair

Getting into an accident is no small incident, immediately the cost to your wallet can escalate and climb quickly. However, there are options and different procedures to take that ensure you obtain the best care and quality for yourself and your vehicle.

Let’s say you’ve just gotten into an accident and the car is damaged to some degree. Naturally you’re already panic stricken thinking about insurance claims, auto repair, and the inconvenience to yourself and your income. But before you let panic take full control, there are a few steps to take.

  1. Be sure to check if everyone is all right, this is especially important in any major
  2. Call the police. It is necessary to gather the insurance and information of all parties involved. This includes drivers and witness statements from nearby pedestrians or drivers.
  3. Assess the damage to your own vehicle. This includes any scratches, paint damage, indentations or depressions, as these will require professional help.
  4. Contact your insurance.

Insurance companies frequently suggest attending drive-in claim centers for minor cosmetic damages. These centers provide authorized repair-cost estimates in addition to pre-approved body shops and dealerships that can take care of the issue. Although when it comes to major collisions, insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart. Their conduct sends you to a shop that won’t venture into the full extent of the damages. In fact, the shop attempts to do minimal amount of work, making it cheaper for both the claims center and insurance company.

Put yourself first, it is your right to seek an auto body shop that will put their customer before their wallet. But how do you determine which professional is best suited to get you back on the road quickly with the highest quality of service? We are all familiar with stories of auto body shops cutting corners to save time or charging extortionate rates to take advantage of their customers. With this in mind we’ve gathered some tips to consider when selecting the correct auto body for you.


Consumers must do their diligence when it comes to selecting an auto body shop. In doing so they often find themselves driving from one location to another before realizing their entire day is gone and wasted. Not only is this time consuming, but it is costly to your responsibilities, your gas tank, and of course your sanity.

Labor Rate:

Labor rate statistics place the dealerships and insurance auto bodies at the forefront of your wallet. Their large overhead in addition to brand specific parts increase your overall cost two to one. Meanwhile going to an independent auto body shop puts your cost towards the back of your wallet. With no ties to specific manufactures, independent auto bodies can purchase parts of equal quality for a much lower price. They also have little overhead as labor costs go directly to the mechanic, whom you interact with on a daily basis. We all crave customer satisfaction and when working with a dealership you are never given the opportunity to speak to the mechanic. In fact if more issues arise, a dealership will jump you through hoops before getting your vehicle back into the garage.

Customer Satisfaction:

Inside of independent auto bodies customer service is a face-to-face interaction. You will know first hand who your mechanic is and the type of work they are conducting on your vehicle. Some mechanics will go so far as to take you under the hood and show you directly where changes need to be made. Within a dealership, such service is not a common trait. Something to take into account is that most independent auto body owners once worked for dealerships, so they are fully capable and knowledgeable of any needed repairs.

So which do you choose: the individual auto body shop or the typical dealership? The factors all point in a similar direction. If you want a business that will care for its customers, involve face-to-face interaction and the best value to your wallet, then select an independent auto body shop. These owners are well equipped, well educated, and eager to perform for you. Their entire business is built upon product of service. If you have been involved in any form of auto collision and are in need of professional assistance, you can contact us on (702) 457-3002 or fill out our online form here and we will get back to you promptly.