What To Do If You Put Wrong Gas In Your Car?

//What To Do If You Put Wrong Gas In Your Car?

What To Do If You Put Wrong Gas In Your Car?

Picture the following: you pull up to a gas station, pay for gas, pick up the nozzle at the pump, and fill up your vehicle not with gas, but with diesel. In this situation, it would be good to know the symptoms your car could present if you put the wrong gas in it. If you do, you can take the necessary measures to address the issue and prevent it from damaging your car.

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Similarities and Differences Between Gas and Diesel Engines

Both gas and diesel engines work as internal combustion engines. They are in charge of converting the chemical energy in fuel into mechanical energy to move the engine’s cylinder pistons up and down. This allows your vehicle’s wheels to turn in a rotary motion.

Both engines convert fuel into mechanical energy through a series of combustions but they sure do it differently. A gas engine combines the fuel with air, then the mixture gets compressed by the engine’s pistons and gets ignited by spark plugs.

A diesel engine on the other hand doesn’t have spark plugs like the gas engine. It compresses and heats the air, injecting fuel into a combustion chamber. The engine then ignites the fuel, powering your car.

Which Is Better: Gas or Diesel?

It can be difficult to decide between a car powered by gas and one powered by diesel. There are many factors to consider, like:

  • Efficiency: Diesel engines are more efficient than gas engines.
  • Torque: Diesel engines offer more torque than gas engines.
  • Cost: The cost of both vary, but gas-powered cars are usually more affordable than diesel-powered vehicles.

If you are not sure about which fuel-powered car is right for you, you should some research. You can review a wide range of cars and find the one that gives you the right combination of affordability, comfort, and style.

What Happens If You Put Diesel in a Gas Engine?

If you accidentally put the wrong gas in your car, don’t stress. Remember, you are not the only one who has done this. And probably, you won’t be the last. If you happened to put diesel in a gas engine, your car won’t work because gas-powered vehicles are not capable of combusting diesel. Right now, the only thing you need to do is having your car towed to an auto repair shop or your home. Then, you need to have your vehicle’s fuel system drained.

Having your gas tank drained can be time-consuming and it should only be done by auto professionals. They can remove the diesel from your vehicle’s fuel system properly and inspect the fuel lines, rail, and injectors for any damages.

What Happens If You Put Gas in a Diesel Engine?

Fueling a diesel engine with gas can cause severe damage to your vehicle. Common problems associated with this include:

1. No Ignition

Gas requires a spark to ignite, but a diesel engine doesn’t have one. So if a diesel engine has gas in it, there is no ignition.

2. No Lubrication

Putting gas in a diesel engine not only contaminates it but it prevents it from getting lubricated. This causes damage by causing the engine components to rub against one another.

3. Fuel System Issues

If a diesel engine’s fuel pump, fuel injectors, and fuel filters are contaminated by gas, they won’t function properly, and you might need to replace the entire fuel system.

4. Shockwaves

Detonation can be caused by gas because a diesel engine can’t handle the fuel. This can lead to shockwaves that can damage or destroy the engine’s connecting rod, pistons, wrist pins, and other parts.

5. Engine Failure

Having too much gas in a diesel engine can cause engine failure or malfunction. If you try to drive the car with the wrong fuel, the engine could be damaged beyond repair.

What to Do If You Inadvertently Put Gas in a Diesel Engine

You should keep your car where it is and call a tow company to have it towed to your home or an auto repair shop. Don’t activate your car’s ignition system, this will turn on the fuel pump and injectors, causing permanent engine damage.

Making either one of these mistakes may sound like a major problem. However, if you know how to identify and correct the issue right away, you can prevent damaging permanently your car’s performance.

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