What Is Fiberglass Repair?

//What Is Fiberglass Repair?

What Is Fiberglass Repair?

Fiberglass is a material that is very strong and durable. It can resist the abrasion and corrosion that can affect metals. The car industry has relied on this pretty lightweight material for many parts, including the body of your vehicle. Fiberglass repair is not terribly complicated. But it is definitely best to leave it for an experienced professional. 

technician doing fiberglass repair

Why Use Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is a material that has many qualities that make it suitable for automotive use. Fiberglass has waterproof properties, and it can easily absorb moisture, protecting auto parts from rust and corrosion. If you want to seal a welder auto part, a thin layer of fiberglass is enough. Fiberglass filler can also be used over bare metal.

Fiberglass can also be used for auto repairs or body parts as a finishing material. This means that fiberglass can help seal the finishing work on auto parts by bringing out a smooth feel and look. We recommend only applying a small amount of fiberglass to the welded part and then sanding it. After this, you can apply fiberglass filler to finish the process.

Where To Get Fiberglass Repair From?

There are plenty of vendors and auto body repair shops out there that have fiberglass repair expertise. However, not all of them can do the best job when it comes to fiberglass repair. It is very important you do your research and compare all body shops in Las Vegas. If you are confused about choosing the best repair shop, you must look into factors like experience, expertise, reputation, and skills. Also, check for affordable rates. If you are looking for a high-quality auto repair service with fiberglass repair, you can check us out at Sudden Impact Auto.

The Fiberglass Repair Process

1. Cleaning the Area

First, your technician will clean the affected area thoroughly with soapy water. This will prevent dirt and dust from getting affected by the rest of the process. It also ensures a proper bond of the resin from the repair.

2. Sanding the Area

Your technician will sand both the underside and the surface of the affected area. By doing so, the finished result will be stronger.

3. Making the Resin

Your technician will mix the hardener with the resin in a tray.

4. Applying the Resin

Your technician will then cut the fiberglass cloth. He will have to make sure he cuts one inch larger than the damaged area. Then, he will apply it to the damaged area and coat it with the resin. This has to be done really quickly, as the resin will get hard in around 10 minutes. It also has to be done on both sides of the area, so steps 3-4 have to be repeated.

5. Drying

Now, the area has to dry. This will allow the fiberglass to cure properly.

6. Sanding the Area

Once both sides are cured and dried, your technician can then sand the area. It may be necessary to get a body filler to smooth any curves or irregularities. They will also need to sand the edges and blend in the contours with the car.

7. Painting

Now that the area has been sanded, it may need to be repainted to match the car paint. 

Fiberglass Repair In Las Vegas

At Sudden Impact Auto, fiberglass repair is only one of the various quality services we provide. From the second you give us your keys, rest assured that your car will be in good hands. If your car needs fiberglass repair, contact us today at 702-457-3002!