A Guide to Trusting Your Auto Body Repair Shop

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A Guide to Trusting Your Auto Body Repair Shop

Auto body shops have a polarizing effect on people and for good reason as price estimates from one repair center to another can differ greatly and hidden charges always seem to creep up for some reason. So, what can you do to avoid giving these wretched businesses your hard-earned cash for what could be a subpar job? And how do you single out the auto shops that show expertise, authority, and trustworthiness?

Trusting Your Auto Body Shop


Get Educated on Auto Repairs

We are not suggesting that if you happen to be involved in a car collision you should enroll in the nearest mechanic’s beginner’s course. We simply advise that if you are very green when it comes to knowing about auto repair jobs, look up online the correct terminology and common procedures for the damage that your vehicle has sustained. Not only will this give you the confidence and guidance in choosing the correct auto body shop, it will also have the repair technician wary of trying to take advantage of you. You can take a quick look through our blog as we cover similar topics that will get you on the right track.


Know the Difference Between OEM and Third-Party Manufactured Parts

Knowing exactly what you’re paying for and requesting the best and safest equipment around so that your vehicle is restored as close to its original state as possible is a good indicator that you should not be messed with. Go through your insurance company and make sure you know what you’re entitled to. It is not uncommon for a dodgy repair shop to charge you and your insurance for expensive parts and use cheaper ones to pocket the difference.


Ask for Any Replaced Parts Back

Something that consumers never seem to think of asking. You might not actually want to take those parts back, but this is a sure way of knowing that your auto parts are getting replaced in the first place. Always ask this before the job has begun, as the excuse of “well we already discarded them” will be thrown out often (pun intended).


Ask for a Full Estimate of Time and Price at the Beginning

Never accept the answer “it will take as long as it will take”. Auto body technicians will be wary of giving definitive timeframes as there can be hidden damages that won’t meet the eye initially. However, after a thorough inspection a reasonable estimate should be made available. When this is given you should explicitly request that with any unknown issues or problems you should be notified immediately.


What is EAT and How do I Earn it?

Do you know what E.A.T. is?

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthiness

The three components that a business will have to gain in order to become a success. But how do you go about this?


Word of Mouth from Trusted Consumers

A sure sign that you are doing a good job is if consumers are talking about you in a positive manner. Regardless of the importance of online reviews and digital marketing campaigns, word of mouth from trusted consumers is vital. It is also an amazing referral revenue.

Before & After Photos

Most auto repair centers do their own galleries of work for two reasons:

  • They are very proud of the outstanding portfolio of work they have completed
  • They want to show the level of work they perform at

Unfortunately though simple photographs won’t tell the full story. As much as before and after photos look great, you never know the full details of the repair job. For example, what parts were used? Did they use some form of cheap cement instead of an OEM body part? Was the damage that the vehicle sustained internally repaired/replaced properly? These are some of the questions that need to be answered to truly calculate how good of a job was really done.

Is a Warranty Provided?

Any reputable auto body shop will offer warranties for their work to give you peace of mind. This should be asked upon arrival.

Online Reviews

Like word of mouth but from strangers online. This can be a good way to gauge how people outside of your social circles have interacted with the repair shop. But keep in mind that purchasing fake reviews is possible, although Google/Facebook/Yelp have severely cracked down on them lately and even blacklisted companies from their sites, so it is becoming less of a problem.

Trusting Your Auto Body Shop in Las Vegas

We don’t wish that anyone will get into a vehicle collision anytime soon, but if that happens than we hope this guide to choosing the right repair center will help you avoid the less reputable ones. Sudden Impact has been in the Las Vegas community for over 35 years, call us at 702-457-3002 for a free car inspection.