Window Tinting In Las Vegas | 6 Need To Know Points

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Window Tinting In Las Vegas | 6 Need To Know Points

The Las Vegas laws of window tinting cars can be a tricky situation for some people. There are many benefits to tinting your car windows, but you need to be aware of what is allowed in the state of Nevada. At Sudden Impact Auto Body we believe that an informed customer is a happy customer. Read more information from an custom auto repair shop in Las Vegas about the window tinting laws in Nevada so that you don’t get hit with a nasty fine.

Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting in Las Vegas


1. What Is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is becoming more and more popular every year. It involves the process of applying a thin film of multi-layered polyester material to either the inside or outside of your car windows. Applying to the inside is best as it is not exposed to the natural elements and so offers greater durability. There is also the option to buy glass that has tint installed inside of it which will last for as long as the glass is intact, although replacing this due to a collision is more costly.

2. Why Window Tinting?

The majority of people are all too aware of the dangers and implications of long term exposure to the sun, which will cause significant damage to their skin and eyes. Living in a state like Nevada that has an average of 292 days of sunshine per year means that protecting yourself at all times is a necessity. So it should come as quite a shock when you learn that not everyone knows of the dangers that the UV rays pose when it comes to sitting in your car? People have this idea that the harmful UV rays can’t penetrate glass and therefore they are safe once the windows are rolled up. This is a dangerous game to play. The window film that we use in our auto body shop guarantee’s to block out 99.99% of the harmful UV rays that the sun emits. Without this at least 30% of those UV rays can get through normal glass, putting you and your loved ones at risk.

It offers protection against shards of glass after a collision shatters the window. The film bonds the glass together and although it will not stop the glass shattering, the small shards that can cause harm will be kept in place better than if the film wasn’t there.

Lets be honest, the majority of us love to sing a long in our car, now lets be even more honest, the majority of us are also horrendous performers (not that it will stop us). Window tinting will not fully block out the visuals of you belting out your own rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, but it will offer enough cover that you can deny it was you.

3. What To Consider With Window Tinting:

It is advisable to do your research on the state laws that you reside in when it comes to window tint. Some can be very strict about the different shades of strength. The darkness of tint is measured in VLT (Visual Light Transmission) percentage. Nevada has the following laws for different types of vehicle:

VLT% for Sudans:

  • Windshield – Non reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturers AS-1 line*
  • Front Side windows – Must allow more than 35% of light in
  • Back side windows – Any darkness allowed
  • Rear window – Any darkness allowed

VLT% for SUV and Vans:

  • Windshield – Non reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturers AS-1 line*
  • Front Side windows – Must allow more than 35% of light in
  • Back side windows – Any darkness allowed
  • Rear window – Any darkness allowed

Other laws in regards tinting in the state of Nevada:

  • Side Mirrors – Dual side mirrors are required if the back window is tinted
  • Red and Amber tint are not permitted in any circumstances
  • There are medical exceptions allowed although permits are required if you or a loved one is extra sensitive to UV exposure.

4. How Window Tint Is Applied:

First off the glass has to be cleaned thoroughly and wiped down afterwards. Any imperfection that shows up on it after the film is applied will result in having to start all over again. It is best to go through the cleaning process at least twice, irregular pieces of dirt can cause air bubbles in the film.

The window is measured and the film is cut to within an extra inch of the parameter of the area to make sure there is 100% coverage before being eventually trimmed down to exact size. A special squeegee is used to get away any air bubbles that are present. Even the smallest one can turn into a major issue over time. Perfection is key.

5. Steps To Take After The Window Tinting Process Is Complete

After the tinting has been completed you should wait a full week before considering cleaning your windows. You should also never roll up or down your windows within this time period. The longer it has to set the better the result. When finally getting around to cleaning them use a window cleaner without ammonia and a soft cloth. Foam cleaners are preferable, as they do no streak.

6. Why Is It Illegal To Have Heavily Tinted Windows?

You might think that there are many benefits to having tinted windows such as reducing glare to improve driver safety, keeping the car cool, and protecting your skin and eyes from the sun. But what about the negatives? Well the main issue is that police need to be able to the occupants of the vehicle for a number of reasons:

  • Are they wearing their seatbelt?
  • Are they texting on their phone?
  • Is there a suspect they are looking?
  • Does the driver at the time need to be identified via CCTV footage?
  • Is there any illegal activity inside the car?

Pedestrians are also in consideration for these laws. It has always been advisable to make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street, to make sure that you are both on the same wavelength. It is for these reasons why you cannot have a dark tint on the front side windows and none on the windshield.

If you are interested in getting your windows tinted, and want it done professionally you can give us a call on (702) 457-3002. You can also fill out our online application form here.

*AS-1 Line – is a term used in the glass industry for approved safety glass (double layered with a plastic center). The line is the lower limit that tint can be installed and is usually marked as 5 inches from top of windshield.
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