10 Things On How Teens Driving Can Avoid Causing Collisions

//10 Things On How Teens Driving Can Avoid Causing Collisions

10 Things On How Teens Driving Can Avoid Causing Collisions

If you’re a parent and your kid just turned 16, they most likely want to get their driver’s license. As teens that just got their license, they’re probably ready to jump out the door and get behind the wheel and drive everywhere. But, you must be aware of the statistics. It’s important to know that teens driving can turn into an accident.

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Fortunately, at Sudden Impact Auto we care about your teen’s safety on the road. Here are 10 tips you can make sure they follow to stay safe on the road:

#1 Understand What Driving Entails

Many accidents involving teens result from their lack of maturity and attitudes. They know what they’re doing, they’ve taken classes. Make a pact with them to practice safe driving responsibly. They are in control of almost 3,000 pounds of heavy speeding metal. They are responsible for them and others on the road.

#2 Practice As Much As Possible

Even if they’ve taken classes and passed them with flying colors. Things can get busy on the day-to-day. It’s important to practice to develop your reflexes and decision making while driving. It’s a good opportunity for parents to become involved in this and make it a family moment.

#3 Buckle Up!

Its never too late to start good habits. Always wear a safety belt whenever you’re in a car. It doesn’t matter if you’re the driver or the passenger. Better safe than sorry.

#4 No Drinking and Driving

Underage drinking and drug use are not legal. Remember even just one drink can have chemical effects on our brains and it impairs our reaction times. If your kid is caught drinking and driving the best case scenario is for them to lose their license or their life at worst.

#5 No Overcrowding

Limit the number of people in the car. The risks of a fatal accident increase with every additional person you have in the car. Limiting the number of people in the car will reduce distractions.

#6 Avoid Night Driving

The risk of a fatal accident is three times bigger at night than during day time. It’s best for them to stick to day driving until they’re absolutely comfortable driving at night.

#7 Drive Safe And Slow

Even for an experienced driver, it’s sometimes uncomfortable and scary to drive with high volumes of fast-moving vehicles. Until your kid is ready to drive in highways, avoid driving in them. 

#8 Avoid Driving on Poor Weather Conditions

Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but if possible, avoid driving in bad weather if they’re not supervised.

#9 No Texting And Driving

Cellphones are only for emergencies while driving. Even then, they should completely pull over before making a call.

#10 Drive a Safe Car

No matter what car they are driving, it should be a safe one. Make sure to look up information about safety test advisories online. Make sure the car they’re driving has regular maintenance and tune-ups.

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