How Spring Can Damage Your Car Paint

//How Spring Can Damage Your Car Paint

How Spring Can Damage Your Car Paint

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the spring season. Spring is a very beautiful time where the sun is refreshing and warming. After spending months driving in the cold, having to deal with rainy and icy roads, drivers want to enjoy some warmth. Spring brings colorful flowers, chirping birds, and clear skies, but it also brings some car paint damaging forces with it.

Here at Sudden Impact Auto Body, we care about keeping up the immaculate painting in your car. That is why we think it’s important for you to know the common signs of spring you should be aware of.

Bird and Bugs Droppings

As our flying friends become more active in the spring, they start bombarding cars with their droppings. Bird droppings contain things like uric acid and residues that eat through the clear coat finish of your car.  Make sure you don’t leave them in your car, the sun’s powerful rays can also bake bird droppings into the finish. So get them cleaned as soon as possible.

Bugs are not the only flying creatures that can ruin your car paint, bugs do too. Flying bugs can get splattered on your car while driving and ruin your car finish. These bugs contain acids and when splattered in your car and baked by the sun, they can corrode your car finish. Make sure to wash off the splatter as soon as possible to prevent this.

Pavement Debris

This is quite common in areas where roads have been repaved, or recent construction has been done. Some spots on the pavement may become loose. This rough debris can get picked up by the tires of moving vehicles and shot them straight to your car’s hood or bumper. This will, most likely, cause chipping, flaking, or even worse, body corrosion.

To prevent this, if you see any chipping, promptly touch it up with matching auto paint from the dealership. If there are several chips and it results in a tacky DIY paint job, make sure you go to your local auto body shop to get the finish smooth again.

Tree Sap

Spring is the time for trees to awaken, causing them to drip sap. This sticky substance tends to land on cars parked underneath trees, and it may get baked by the sun’s rays, crystalize into the painted surface, and leave an ugly patch behind. The sap is a chemical makeup so it cannot be removed as easily as washing the area.

To get rid of this, you should immediately clean the affected areas spraying alcohol and then wiping it off using a microfiber cloth.


Pollen doesn’t only affect humans with terrible allergies, it is also harmful to your car. It can scratch your paint. Pollen particles are very, very small, and they can get into your car’s pores and settle. If left in your car for long, the deposited pollen can release acids and result in color fading. Simply wash your car with warm soapy water and rinse.

How Can I Protect My Paint?

We have several tips to help protect your car’s paint from chipping, cracking, or flaking. Especially during spring. These are some of the best things to do:

  • Park your car out of direct sunlight
  • If you want to wash your car yourself, use mild soaps and cleaners
  • Immediately get rid of  bug splotches, bird droppings, leaves, and berry stains
  • Use your garage or car cover
  • Get it professionally waxed once a year
  • Take your car to “touchless” car washes

Choosing A Reliable Car Collision Repair Shop In Las Vegas

If you’ve been dealing with these problems and they’re damaging your car’s finish, simply get it to an auto repair shop. Sudden Impact Auto is happy to help you with this. We are qualified to get your paint back to the factory condition so you’re ready to get back on the road and enjoy this spring.

If you have been in a recent car collision in Las Vegas and you have noticed that there have been minor paint damage, you will need a highly experienced auto body shop to take care of the problem. Here at Sudden Impact Auto Body, we pride ourselves in providing a quality car repair service at a competitive rate. Don’t hesitate to call us on (702) 457-3002 or submit our online contact form here. We look forward to your business.