6 Secrets to a Perfect Car Wrap

//6 Secrets to a Perfect Car Wrap

6 Secrets to a Perfect Car Wrap

Eye-catching, innovative, and bold graphics have defined outdoor and indoor advertising in Las Vegas and the rest of the country for decades. New technologies have further advanced these advertising tools, and one of the most effective formats to have emerged in recent times is a car wrap.

Car wraps have been an important factor in the advertising sector by using highly eye-catching graphics to advertise on vehicles. And, with the fast-paced and mobile lifestyle of people today, it’s now vital for businesses to have a message, logo, and contact information on their vehicle.

The perfect car wrap requires a set of skills and attention to detail that not everyone has. Here are seven secrets to a perfect car wrap that Sudden Impact Auto has perfected over the years.

Sudden Impact Auto Car Wrapping

The Car Wrap Design

Designing a business card can be done by simply getting a template and adding your information. But, designing a car wrap it’s a whole other story. The surface of a car is not flat. The designer must have broad experience and the latest vehicle templates to create a design that will fit a specific car properly without having distorted the image or message.

Every angle, space, and curve of the vehicle must be taken into consideration when designing a wrap. Not considering them will result in a car wrap design that is not attractive nor is it easy to read and understand. It will also have a negative effect on your company image.

The Quality of Vinyl

There are many different quality vinyl manufacturers out there.

Just like everything else, with car wraps, you truly get what you pay for. If you care about the quality and longevity of the wrap, then you want to make sure that the wrap shop is using high-quality vinyl.

Seek out installers that use:

  • 3M Vinyl
  • Avery Vinyl
  • Arlon Vinyl

Quality of Production

If you now have the perfect design and chosen the best material for the job, now it’s time to print the design on the vinyl. Unfortunately, you can’t use an HP or EPSON printer as you would do at home. There is a lot more that goes on in order to create a great high definition image when printing a vehicle wrap.

Each manufacturer’s vinyl has its own unique print profile, this means there is a code that is set for each particular vinyl which will tell the printer exactly how much ink it needs to print for optimal results. Many print shops don’t bother with this step and tend to use one profile for all media. This results in dull, over or under saturated images that just don’t look right.

Vehicle Preparation

Once the design, the material, and a great print are chosen, it’s time to get your vehicle ready for the installation. This is the most time-consuming part of wrapping a vehicle. Prepping your vehicle is when the installer has to go over every inch of your car’s surface as well as under the weather trims, cracks, and fenders to make sure they are 100% clean and wax-free with the help of a special solution.

The smallest piece of dust or dirt left behind could result in the vinyl’s adhesive to fail and later on to lift off the surface. Even a tiny lift will get water under it and it will cause the entire wrap to come off.

Car Wrapping Facility

It is very important to consider the place where the vinyl will be installed in your car. Will it be indoors or outdoors?

If it’s being installed outdoors, then the results will be terrible. Large and small dust particles will make their way to the surface of your car, and you will immediately notice them through the wrap.

If it’s being wrapped indoors, that’s great, but the facility must be absolutely clean and it must be at the right temperature. High temperatures will cause the vinyl to stretch and low temperatures will cause it to shrink.

So a dedicated installation facility is extremely important to make sure the final outcome of the wrap is perfect.

Car Wrap Installation

This is the most important step of a car wrap. Although the actual installation of the wrap is very difficult,  the final trimming of the wrap is even more challenging.

You can have the most perfectly installed wrap but if there is excess material that wasn’t trimmed and tucked properly, the final outcome will look horrible.

Trimming the wrap requires a steady hand, a lot of patience and technique. Making the wrap to look like a paint job is what it’s all about.

Custom Graphics & Car Wraps in Las Vegas

At Sudden Impact Auto, we offer customized car wraps with high-quality prints and colors that are sure to call attention even on the busiest streets.

Add whatever you need to personalize your vehicle and make it truly unique. We’ll help you design a vehicle wrap that lets the entire world know about your business. Call us today at 702-457-3002 for an estimate!