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Unfortunately, these days you can’t be sure about the quality of car repairs. Therefore, following a collision, it’s important for your safety and the safety of your passengers to have a vehicle inspection.

When you decide on an auto body shop for post-collision repairs, the expectation is that technicians restore the car to its condition before the collision. Repairs address the structure of the car body, the car safety systems, moving parts, mechanical components, computerized systems and, finally, the car paint.

At Sudden Impact Auto Body, we make post-repair inspections a routine part of every job. 


What is a Post-Repair Vehicle Inspection?

A post-repair inspection is an evaluation made by someone other than the person who performed the repairs. The main goals of this process are to ensure that the car is safe to drive and that it has been returned to its pre-collision condition. Having someone else perform this task is key to ensuring that nothing is missed.

When is a Post-Repair Vehicle Inspection Recommended?

At Sudden Impact Auto, we perform this process every single time. It’s just the way we operate here. However, not every auto body shop does it this way. Post-repair inspections are a fundamental part of vehicle safety, acting as a second layer of protection for car owners. In particular, an inspection is advisable if:

  • It’s necessary to confirm that a car was fixed properly and that it’s safe to drive.
  • You are unsure about the quality of repair work or the parts used in the repair.
  • The repair shop seems unwilling to disassemble the vehicle in order to properly assess collision damage.
  • You notice signs that the car is not operating properly or doesn’t look like it did before the collision and repairs.
  • You need to request an appraisal of the diminished value that a car owner is due.

These are solid reasons to find a reliable auto body repair shop and request a post-repair assessment of the vehicle. In general, you should be vigilant if you see signs that the repair shop lacks professionalism. This may show in an inability to explain the repairs done or not providing warranties for the work done.

In recent years, car repair chains and insurance referral networks have placed increasing importance on performing quick repairs and decreasing costs for the company. For many of these conglomerate businesses, profit is the main priority. Rushed work and cutting corners can, unfortunately, mean poor or unsafe car repairs. The only consumer safety measure to prevent this from happening to your car is to request a post-repair inspection.

Does Insurance Pay For Vehicle Inspections?

It’s important to note that car owners are not responsible for covering the expense of remediating a substandard repair. The auto body shop carrying out the post-repair inspection will contact the car insurance company. Your insurance is required to pay for any labor or parts needed to ensure that the car has been fixed to standard.

Trust Sudden Impact Auto for Post-Repair Inspections

Sudden Impact Auto will fix your car right, the first time. Our technicians can also verify collision repair carried out by other body shops. We hold our work to extremely high, quality standards and offer a lifetime warranty on all repair work. 

Call us on (702) 457-3002 for a free car inspection. You can also submit our online contact form here.

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