What Questions to Ask When Hiring an Auto Body Repair Shop in Las Vegas?

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What Questions to Ask When Hiring an Auto Body Repair Shop in Las Vegas?

Not everybody has had to deal with hiring an auto body shop in Las Vegas to deal with a recent auto collision accident. Auto body technicians are thought of as commonly as electricians, plumbers, and lawyers, very little unless you really need one! If you have found yourself in need of an auto body repair service in Las Vegas, make sure you ask yourself these common questions in order to choose the best one!

How do I know how good an auto body shop is?

Not every person knows about car repair or what should happen if you find yourself in an auto collision. Here is a step by step guide from us to follow when you have been in a car accident. One of the common ways to find out how good an auto body shop is, is to check their online reputation. Common reputation indicators would be checking heavily used review sites such as Yelp and Facebook. Be sure to read through the consumer reviews and see if there is a pattern of good or bad behavior. We would also advise that competitors submitting fake and negative reviews is not an uncommon practice. Sometimes they get removed but a few can still be up there. Be sure to ignore the outliers, if there is 1 negative review within 50 positive ones you can assume that there might be more than meets the eye. At Sudden Impact Auto Body, we are proud of our strong online reputation. You can check out our Yelp and Facebook pages to know that when it comes to auto body shops, there is none better than ours in Las Vegas!

How do I know I am not getting taken advantage of with auto repair pricing?

This is a tough one because no two auto accidents are the same, so no two accident repair estimates will be the same. It will tie into the first question as well. If the auto repair shop has the reputation of being fair priced and take the time to explain the process. At Sudden Impact Auto Body, we not only explain to our customers what repairs we intend on making, but the reason why we need to make them and how much each piece of material and labor will cost. This estimate is only done after we have done a full inspection of the vehicle, both internally and externally. After this we should have a full idea of the damage sustained.

What parts does the auto body shop use for car repairs?

Not many people know that there are different parts that can be used to repair the bodywork of a vehicle. We have gone into this subject already but if you want to know the difference between OEM parts and third party manufactured parts, you can read our article here. OEM parts are safer because they have been rigorously put through the safety standards needed for the original manufacturer to pass them. They are more expensive to use but they will also maintain your vehicles value and safety integrity. Some car insurance companies allow for OEM parts to be used. We can consult with your insurance company if you decide to use the OEM parts.

Does the auto body shop have industry specific certifications?

There are certain industry specific certifications that should be hung proudly on an auto body shops wall’s. Here at Sudden Impact we proudly show our credentials on the homepage of our site. Being in the auto repair business for over 35 years, we have maintained an extremely high standard. If you have been involved in a car accident in Las Vegas recently, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free auto repair inspection.

Auto Body Shop Certifications

What guarantee should an auto repair shop provide?

Be wary of any auto repair shops that don’t offer you the chance to bring your vehicle back if you aren’t entirely happy with the repairs that have been done. If you find that a piece of the repaired bodywork is not sitting right in your car or there are any other issues, we won’t hesitate in insisting that you come straight back for us to inspect it. We stand by our work but sometimes a car needs a second look. We also look at cars that have been repaired at other places. We will offer to inspect the car and recommend the next best course of action. We want you to feel safe on the road.

Does the auto body shop offer car rental assistance?

Life doesn’t stand still even if you have been in a car accident. You still have errands to run, places to be, and people to see. This can be difficult if your car will be stuck in shop for a prolonged period of time. But we offer car rental assistance to you don’t have to become stranded. There are multiple rental agencies conveniently located near our facility. Once you drop off your vehicle at our shop, we contact the rental company of your choice to pick you up and get into a rental car.

An Affordable Auto Body Repair Shop in Las Vegas

There is never an ideal time to suffer car damage in Las Vegas. Choosing the best auto body shop to take your vehicle to be repaired can be a minefield. Hopefully this guide on how to choose the best auto body repair shop can help make this task easier for you. If you’re in any doubt why not stop by our place, we will inspect your vehicle and provide our recommendations with no cost to you at all. This is a completely free car inspection. What have you got lose? Call Sudden Impact Auto Body Las Vegas now at 702-457-3002.