The Importance of Taking Photos After an Auto Accident in Las Vegas

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The Importance of Taking Photos After an Auto Accident in Las Vegas

Being in an auto accident in Las Vegas is never ideal for anyone. Recently we did a piece on what to do in a car accident. But we only lightly touched on the subject of the importance of taking photos after a collision. Having photographic evidence to properly document an auto accident is essential in gaining a successful outcome with your insurance company. Here is what you should consider when you’re involved in a car accident according to a highly experienced Auto Body Shop in Las Vegas.

Photo of Auto Accident

Why Take Photographs of an Auto Accident in Las Vegas?

Having photographic evidence after an auto accident will allow you to accurately depict the damage done to your car and any injuries that you sustained. This is an important step to ensure your claim is processed properly.

The Stress of Being in a Car Accident

You can never be fully prepared for the emotional toll an auto accident will cause on your mental frame of mind. Whether this is instant or delayed response, you will never usually be quite yourself after being in an accident. It is under these times of severe stress and panic that we are unable to think with a clear mind. Trying to relay all of these details to the police, insurance provider, or even friends and family can be quite difficult. That is why getting as much photographic evidence as possible will help jog your memory and be able to recall certain details that you would most likely have forgotten.

What Should You Take Pictures of in an Auto Accident?

We have established that taking photos of your auto accident incident is vital in order to help you accurately recount the events that took place and make a successful claim. But what should you be capturing on your camera?

Photographing Car Damage

The most common picture taken after a car accident is, of course, the damage that the vehicle sustained during the accident. But is this enough? It is not uncommon for insurance companies to create estimates based purely on the photos that were presented with the claim. But we advise bringing your vehicle to a licensed auto body shop to inspect the internal damage and have that report go along with the photos you took.

Snap Pictures of Personal Injuries Sustained in Auto Accident

Capturing pictures of the injuries sustained is important also. Although the majority of minor auto accidents don’t result in bodily injury, the ones that do will require medical attention which will result in medical bills. That is why they should be included in any report that you are handing in. You shouldn’t be liable to cover the medical costs that you incur after being in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault. Some injuries will not show up immediately such as bruising. Be sure to take regular pictures of these injuries and document the time and date of them. If you have sustained severe medical injuries as a result of a car accident, you should consult with an experienced Las Vegas attorney. They will appreciate all of the photographic evidence you have collected, making your case more solid.

Also, make a note of any of the daily tasks that you are unable to do because of your accident. This includes not only tasks at your job, but daily tasks at home like laundry, childcare, or errands. The insurance company should take into account lost wages and expenses related to outside help at home when they assess the impact that the car accident had on you.

Photograph the Surrounding Area

If there are any traffic signs that are nearby and that could have been the cause of the accident, you need to have proof that they were there. Was their presence visually obstructed which caused either you or the other driver to make a mistake? What about weather conditions? Could they have had an impact on a driver’s visual capabilities? These are important factors that need to be noted when it comes to deconstructing the accident.

Photograph or Video People

Getting witnesses to testify or make statements is common after car accidents. But a lot of the time it can be hard recalling everybody that was there and what their account of the accident was. This can be especially hard if you’re showing signs of shock. Acquiring pictures or if they will allow it, video evidence of their statements is the best way of gathering evidence for your insurance case. These people can include nearby witnesses to the accident, passengers in both cars involved (if the others will cooperate), and even the police when they arrive on the scene.

Take as Many Pictures as Possible

You can never have too many pictures of your auto accident. They are all little check marks that go towards a successful outcome of your claim. For some, it is best to take pictures of the surrounding buildings/businesses. Look out for security cameras and ask the camera owners if you may have a copy of the recording, further proving what or who caused the accident. All of these photos will allow you to look back on them when you have mentally recovered and picked up on things that you may have missed in the heat of the moment.

Time Stamp Your Photos

Most of us have smartphones that have capable cameras to document auto accidents. These pictures will already have accurate time stamps built in to them digitally, so you don’t need to worry about that. But if you don’t use a smartphone and have a basic camera it is important to make sure the time and date are accurate when taking the pictures. These little details can make the difference between a successful or failed car insurance claim.

Auto Repair Shops in Las Vegas

Taking photos of every possible detail after an auto accident in Las Vegas is important in making a thorough insurance claim with a successful ending. However, photographic evidence is not enough to show the extent of internal damage. The insurance companies can have overseas companies that they outsource the visual damage estimates too. A lot of the time these companies are not fully trained in determining the extent of internal damage based on photos of external damage. At Sudden Impact, we always recommend bringing your vehicle into a licensed auto repair shop in Las Vegas to get a full inspection of your vehicle. Sudden Impact Auto Body offers free car inspections to victims involved in an auto accident in Las Vegas. Call us at (702) 457-3002, or fill out our online contact form.


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