8 Myths About Ceramic Coating

//8 Myths About Ceramic Coating

8 Myths About Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is very popular these days. But many people have a lot of false information about them. Sometimes the manufacturers and sellers of ceramic coating want you to believe it’s the perfect solution to protect car paint. However, sometimes this is not completely true. Below you will find 8 myths about ceramic coating being spread out by people who don’t necessarily understand how coatings work.

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The Benefits Of Ceramic Coating

The truth is that ceramic coating offers better car paint protection than waxes or sealants. They last for much longer as well, generally for many years. Some of the professional-grade coatings offer warranties. They make your car easier to clean since they are dirt and water repellents. It will even prevent swirl marks when you wash it.

8 Myths About Ceramic Coating

#1 Scratch Proof

Some manufacturers claim that ceramic coating will prevent scratches. But, the truth is that ceramic coatings are NOT scratch proof. However, they are scratch-resistant. This is a big difference. If you wash your car with the proper safety procedures you will see fewer swirl marks and marring. So if your car gets keyed you will have to take your car to the shop, and having to replace your coating.

#2 Coating Provide More Gloss

It’s true that if you park a car that has a ceramic coat on it next to one that doesn’t it will appear like it has more shine and gloss. However, the gloss does not come from the coating. It is very important that before applying a ceramic coating you make sure the pain is polished perfectly and there are no defects. Otherwise, any contaminants or swirl marks will be locked underneath the coating and it will affect how the light bounces off the paint. This will make it less glossy.

For waxes and sealants, it is not necessary to polish your paint. But if you do do it before sealing it, the paint will look just as good or even better than with ceramic coating.

The bottom line is the prep work done underneath any treatment is what matters.

#3 Ceramic Coatings Are For People Who Don’t Maintain Their Cars

That is completely false. Ceramic coatings are actually very hard to clean once they get overly dirty. Dirt and grime that are unwashed for long periods of time make it very hard to clean. All of these contaminants will stick to the ceramic coating and a PH-neutral soap will not be enough to clean it off. The benefits of having a ceramic coating in your car will be more apparent when your car is kept clean.

#4 Your Car Will Be Protected From Stone Chips

This is not true. Ceramic coatings are usually not thick enough to avoid the impact of rock. You can protect your car paint with a high-quality protection film. Although, they are way more expensive than ceramic coatings.

#5 If Your Car Is New You Can Skip Straight To Applying Ceramic Coating 

Unfortunately, this is not true either. Most new cars are delivered to their new owners with defects in the paint. They can be found with sanding marks and holograms from improper buffing. Sometimes you need to take your car in for repair for these issues. Car companies actually don’t spend time repairing them properly, so it’s common for these issues to show up under certain lighting.

It is also very common that your car wasn’t washed correctly at the dealership. It will be covered in swirl marks most likely. It is important that your paint is properly inspected and fixed before it’s ready for a ceramic coating.

#6 Ceramic Coatings Last Forever Because Of Their Warranties

It’s actually very hard to know for sure how long any ceramic coating lasts. There are certain variables to be considered like how the vehicle is washed and what climate it lives in. Yes, most businesses will give you warranties on their coatings but that doesn’t really mean that the coating will last as long as they said it will. Your ceramic coating will probably last many years, or you will have to replace it early to protect your car’s paint.

#7 You Can Do DIY Ceramic Coating

Definitely not. Ceramic coatings are to be done only by professionals. The ceramic coating is so strong that if something goes wrong, you can only remove it by wet sanding. Actually, companies only offer ceramic coatings to accredited detailing shops. 

Yes, some of the ceramic coating companies offer a milder version of their coating that you can do at home. But it’s not always a great idea. Applying it can still be difficult and the environment you do it at has to be very clean and have proper lighting.

#8 Ceramic Coated Cars Can Only Be Washed With Water

Maybe if there is only dust on your car you can just rinse it off with water. But it washing it with only water will cause scratches. You need to use a PH-neutral soap that is specific for ceramic coatings. 

Ceramic Coating Professionals Near You

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