Las Vegas Collision Center Advises on the Safety of Airbags

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Las Vegas Collision Center Advises on the Safety of Airbags

Statistically speaking the majority of people will be involved in one auto collision crash within their lifetime. Fortunately, due to advanced technology vehicles on the road have never been safer although this has in turn correlated with the sheer number of cars on the road at the time and the increase in speed. But one invention has stood out since its inception as having saved the most amount of lives. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has credited this invention with saving 44,869 lives between the years 1987-2015. This invention is of course the airbag. As a Las Vegas collision center, we have encountered cars that have been heavily damaged but if not for the airbags deployed, the car damage would have been the least of the problems. That is why we want to shine a spotlight on the importance of airbags in your car, and if you have been in a recent auto collision accident you should check to see if their integrity has been compromised.

A Brief History of the Airbag

Airbag designs go as far back as 1951 but the first “sensor and safety system” patented by Allen Breed in 1968. Early year issues including all the way up to the 1970’s had design faults by either not having the airbags deploying quickly enough, or by solely being responsible for fatalities. But by 1994 the first gas-inflated airbag was produced. Astonishingly it took until 1998 for airbags to be mandatory in all cars manufactured.

How do Airbags Work?

Airbags work through a chemical reaction where sodium azide (NaN3) is heated which produces nitrogen gas at a rapid rate. This gas is what inflates the airbag so quickly. There are sensors placed all around the bodywork of an automobile that when triggered will send electric signals to heat the sodium azide in a canister. It usually takes .30 seconds for this to happen and the persons head will make contact at .50 seconds. Upon collision with the person, the airbag will deflate in order to absorb the shock and not have the head whiplash back upon impact.

Airbag Positions in your Car

An airbag is not just situated close to your steering wheel in order to protect your head from colliding with it, airbags have been installed in modern cars to protect you from all angles. Airbags are installed in the side of your door for side on car collisions, underneath in order to protect your legs, and above your door windows to take on any side impact up above.

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Importance of Getting Airbags Replaced after Car Collision

Airbags should be replaced immediately after a car collision if they have been deployed. They are installed because they have saved so many lives since their implementation. Because of the expense of reinstalling an airbag after deployment, the secondary airbags are ignored sometimes as they are not deemed as important as the primary head collision preventative ones. This is inaccurate as it depends on the type of car collision that has occurred, but airbags work in tandem with one another in order to stabilize your entire body in the event of a car crash.

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If you have been in a car collision in Las Vegas that has resulted in your airbags being deployed it is vitally important that you bring it in to an auto collision center as soon as possible. At Sudden Impact Auto Body, we provide free car inspections for auto collision accidents. We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle internally as well as externally and offer our recommendations on what needs our attention. Our main priority is getting you back on the road safely. To book a free inspection at our Las Vegas collision center call (702) 457-3002 or submit an online contact form. Sudden Impact Auto Body is a proud member of the Las Vegas community and combining our expert knowledge with first class customer service will result in you becoming a happy customer.