Is Road Rage a Crime in Nevada?

//Is Road Rage a Crime in Nevada?

Is Road Rage a Crime in Nevada?

Road rage accounts for 33% of the causes of car accidents. It is an alarming statistic because even the calmest person can fall victim to acting out in anger and causing an accident. One would think that with stakes as high as this, road rage would be considered a crime with very harsh punishment. However, that isn’t always the case.

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What Is Considered Road Rage?

Road rage is much more than a person making a rude hand gesture. It also includes physical threats, aggressive behavior, and,  verbal insults. Even reckless driving to get revenge on another driver. The most shocking reality is it can result in serious injury or in the worst cases, even death. Here are some of the most concerning aspects of road rage:

Reckless Driving

We have all been witnesses of reckless driving. We’ve seen cars chasing each other on the freeway, or cutting each other on busy streets. It is even considered reckless driving when an angry driver moves too close to the back of the bumper of another car.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is committed if you run a red light, or if you’re weaving in and out of lanes through traffic, or even if you put another driver’s life at risk. An aggressive driver could do all of these three things together at the same time and risk the lives of all people on the road.


You might be thinking of an armed robbery but, it’s not what we mean by this. An assault is when the driver uses their own car too aggressively to cause harm to a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver. This is a criminal offense.

Is Road Rage a Crime in Nevada?

Being anger behind the wheel is not illegal in the state of Nevada per se. Therefore, it is not a crime in itself. But, reckless driving can result in spending time in prison and some very high fines, depending on how severe it is.

Penalties in Nevada

Committing assault because of road rage in Nevada falls under battery. This can result in a $1,000 fine or spending time in jail for 6 months. If a pedestrian gets hurt, the angry driver may be charged with committing assault.

How to Avoid Committing Road Rage

The best way to avoid road rage during busy traffic is to play some peaceful music. You can also listen to some self-improvement audiobooks to help you have a positive mindset while driving. If you love nature, you can listen to some playlists with sounds of the ocean or birds singing. These following ideas might help:

  • Avoid rush hour after work by going to the gym or reading a book
  • Get on the highway right before traffic starts and avoid it
  • Use public transport to avoid being stressed on the road
  • Ask at work if you can change your work schedule before or after traffic builds up

What You Should Do if You Are a Victim of Road Rage

Next time you experience road rage on the road, avoid eye contact with the angry driver, and remain calm. Your pride can be challenged when an angry driver comes after you out of nowhere. This person is trying to get a response from you to make the next move. You can put yourself and others in harm if you decide to get angry as well. If you think you’re in an emergency, honk your horn to let other drivers know you need help.

Reporting Road Rage

You don’t necessarily need to dial 911 to report it if your life is not at risk. In case you believe this person is showing erratic behavior and is under the influence of alcohol, call the police.

Always remember to write down the license plate and even the color of the car, make, and model. Pay attention to the appearance of the driver, it can help when you file a police report.

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