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How To Prevent Your Car From Fading | Sudden Impact Auto

Wearing sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun at the beach is a given for humans. However, the sun also can damage your car. That is the reason why your car can start fading. Most people don’t think about their car’s paint until the car is fading. Simply, this happens because of the oxidization from the UV rays of the sun. Also, extreme weather like snow, hail, and rain can impact the hue of your car. To prevent your car from fading, we’ve put together some tips.

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Create a Washing Schedule

The best to protect your car from fading is by protecting it from the sun and any other environmental damage. How? By keeping up with a consistent washing schedule. Rainwater is not going to help. You need proper cleaning to protect your car’s topcoat from any damage. Your car’s topcoat is the sunscreen for your car, that is why you need to keep it as clean as possible. Think of it as applying SPF 50 to your car. This topcoat is also pretty vulnerable to sand, snow, salt, and acid rain.

Restore The Paint Job

If your car is already showing some signs of fading you might freak out and think it’s too late to save it. But, don’t despair. You can restore the paint job. To do so, you first need to wash and dry your car very thoroughly, then use a clay bar to remove any junk that is making your paint look dull. Clay is actually designed to fix contaminated surfaces and plagued with tiny bumps. All of these factors can contribute to small imperfections in your car’s finish and clay can pick it up and remove them. By doing this your car’s surface will have a tighter seal to the wax and it will look better and last longer.

Polish The Car After Claying

It is important to note that the clay bar is not a substitute for polishing the car. When you polish it do it in an area where there is enough shade, out of direct sunlight. Your car has to be cool to the touch and not at all hot. Start by small areas and make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If your car is already showing signs of fading, it is best to use a microfiber to apply the car polish. If not, you can use a regular foam applicator.

Wax Regularly

Adding wax to your car gives it another layer of protection that can prevent dirt from harming your vehicle. Your paint job will look shiny and amazing and it can also give you a whole other level of SPF protection that can complement the washing schedule you created. There are four types of wax you can choose from like paste, liquid, wipe-on, and spray. The liquid and paste formulas work best when you’re restoring faded car paint. 

Take It To A Professional

If the above methods don’t seem to work and your car still ends up faded, you might actually be in need of a complete paint job. Professional collision repair shops have the right tools, equipment, and paint to bring that sheen and luster back to your car.

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