How To Deal With a Fender Bender

//How To Deal With a Fender Bender

How To Deal With a Fender Bender

A fender bender is usually unexpected and sudden. They can happen where you least expect it. Let’s take a look at what a fender bender actually is and compare it to other car accidents before we continue. A fender bender is a minor crash between two motor vehicles. In many cases, these collisions do small damages to vehicles, such as paint chipping or bumper damage. 

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This Is an Accident

The first you have to really understand is that even a small collision like a fender bender is an accident and it should be treated as one. The main reason behind this is that when damage is done, someone is responsible for it. You may not really care about a small dent, but does the other driver? Are they likely to sue you for damages? It is because of reasons like these that it is important to take the correct steps to make sure this fender bender doesn’t turn into a bigger issue for you or the other driver.

Keep Calm

A fender bender tends to happen when you least expect it at the worst possible times. Around 15% of fender benders happen in a parking lot. Imagine going grocery shopping for a couple of hours and getting in a fender bender as you’re leaving the parking lot. Not fun at all. The worst thing you can do is to get agitated. Take a deep breath and keep calm.

Exchange Contact Information

It is very important to exchange contact information with the other driver. It may feel like a small issue, but doing this you ensure the other driver can’t claim that you left the scene and make things even worse for you. Another reason why you need the other driver’s contact information is in case you want to file a claim with your insurance. At least, get their name, driver’s license number, insurance information, and the car’s tag number.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures will be very helpful for your claim. A lot of insurance companies really push for photos and in some cases, might even expedite your claim. Try taking wide-angle pictures from some feet away as well as close-up shots to show the details of the damage. All of these photos will help you get all of the dents and dings accounted for and fixed.

Filing A Claim Or Not

This is a big question among many drivers. When you’re thinking about whether to file a claim or not, keep this in mind:

  • Before the insurance company pays in for the repair cost, you may have to pay a deducible.
  • The insurance premium might go up after filing this claim.
  • If the other driver was responsible for your fender bender, filing a claim will be the best way to ensure you get money and your car gets fixed.

Getting Your Vehicle Repaired

Getting your vehicle back in shape is the last, but not less important, step you need to take. Take time to find a certified, reputable auto collision repair shop. You will be happy you did when you look at your repaired car. Your car may be in need of paint repair and fixing of dents. Ask for paintless dent repair because this will save you money, compared to other dent fixing methods. 

Come To Your Local Collision Auto Center

When you see yourself involved in a fender bender, or any other car accident, you will need your car fixed properly. Sudden Impact Auto is certified to get to work on your vehicle. Our team of highly trained and experienced mechanics will help your car get back in shape. Call us now at 702-457-3002!