Have You Ever Asked; “What’s the Best Auto Body Shop Near Me?”

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Have You Ever Asked; “What’s the Best Auto Body Shop Near Me?”

This is probably not a question that people wake up every morning wondering, but similar to a personal injury lawyer, we rarely consider it until we are in dire need of one! That is why at Sudden Impact Auto Body we believe in providing you with the information needed so you can decide which is the best auto body shop near you. Here are things to consider:

Auto Body Shop Near Me

Yes, the first question is scoping out what auto body shops are in close proximity to your current location. Due to the severity of some auto collisions in Las Vegas, it is not recommended or safe at times to drive after being involved in an accident. That is why a quick look on Google maps will allow you to choose who should be called in order to get an estimate on your car. In severe situations where it is unsafe to drive, an auto body shop that has access to a towing truck should be on your list.

Auto Body Shop Services Near Me

The next step is determining what services you need in order to restore your vehicle to its original appearance and function. If there are only a few scratches on the outer body, then any auto body shop that offers dent repair services will suffice. If the body work is distorted but the paint is still intact then a Paintless Dent Repair service is required. Unfortunately, if you have been involved in a serious auto collision where there is a good chance that internal damage to the vehicle has been sustained, it will require a trained professional to determine the full extent. At Sudden Impact Auto Body, we have the knowledge and expertise to investigate and determine the full damage sustained. When you bring your vehicle to our collision center in Las Vegas, we’ll inspect it for free.

Auto Body Shop Credentials

So, you have narrowed your search down to a few auto body shops near you, and are able to determine what auto repair services you require, but what now? The next step is to determine what auto shops are qualified and have the experience to restore your vehicle at an expert level. If you’re in doubt you should consult their website and see what certifications they carry, and what endorsements from their peers they have obtained. This allows you to decide if they have earned the right to be trusted with your vehicle.

Auto Body Shop Reviews

After determining if the official industry credentials are up to scratch, you want to see what customers are saying about the shop in question. Be on the lookout for false negative reviews as this is a common practice in the auto repair industry among competitors. Good places to check auto repair reviews is Yelp and Facebook.

Auto Body Shops Established in the Las Vegas Community

We have nothing against auto body centers that have just set up shop recently. Everybody has to start from somewhere. But we would be weary of shops and shop owners that have a tendency to move around a lot. It is not uncommon in this trade for owners to make a quick buck at the expense of their new customers and then leave town when the going gets tough. Sudden Impact Auto Body has been grounded in the Las Vegas community for decades and have too many ties to the amazing people here.

Cheap Auto Body Shops Near Me

We fully believe that car owners should shop around for an auto collision repair shop in order to save money. But we would always avoid prices that seem too good to be true because most of the time they are. Cheap auto body shops in Las Vegas can promise a full car restoration for half of the going rate at times in order to get their foot in your door. But once your car is in their shop, they may hit you with an inflated price upon exit explaining that there were hidden charges as the damage sustained reached the interior workings of the vehicle. That is why choosing the cheapest option is not always the best option. Bring your car in to our collision center and we will fully inspect it before delivering an estimate. Our technicians are trained to notice the damage that doesn’t meet the eye. We believe in a fair price for an honest day’s work.

Las Vegas Auto Body Shop Near Me

After sustaining a collision to your vehicle, we hope this guide will help you answer the question; “what is the best auto body shop near me?” You can always bring your vehicle to our shop located on 3595 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV 89121. Or call us at 702-457-3002 to set up an appointment.

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