Eight Tips to Extend Your Car’s Life | Sudden Impact Auto

//Eight Tips to Extend Your Car’s Life | Sudden Impact Auto

Eight Tips to Extend Your Car’s Life | Sudden Impact Auto

Cars can be pricey – and if you already have one that you love, you will likely want to make sure it is in the best condition possible for as long as you can and avoid the pitfalls of lack of maintenance. There are some things you can do to help extend your car’s life and keep it on the road for many years more. Let’s go over the eight tips to extend your car’s life to make sure you’re doing all you can.

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#1 Read Your Car’s Manual

A very simple way of keeping your vehicle in its best shape is to read the user manual when you buy it. The user manual will tell you which maintenance is needed for your car’s specific make and model and how often. It will also tell you about particular things to look out for in your car.

#2 Regular Oil Changes

Oil is what protects your engine and keeps it running in a smooth way. Oil has to be changed every three thousand to five thousand miles. If you don’t know exactly when your owner’s manual can let you know how often you need to check the oil levels or change them.

#3 Check And Change Your Fluids Routinely

Oil is not the only fluid in your vehicle. There’s radiator fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and others. All of these fluids must be checked at least once a month, and checked every time there is car maintenance. If they need to be refilled or replaced, do it promptly.

#4 Often Check Your Tires

Tires are very important for your safety as much as they are for your car. You have to keep an eye on the tire pressure. It can easily fluctuate with outdoor temperatures. Tires with high pressure can pop when you’re driving and low pressure can also damage your car. You can check your tire pressure at gas stations where they have air stations available. Make sure you keep tabs on your tires’ condition and rotate them regularly, about every 6 months.

#5 Keep Your Car Clean

Keeping your vehicle clean is not just about looks. Cleanliness plays an important role in protecting your car’s paint job, preventing rust and other issues. Take your car to the car wash regularly to protect the exterior, and clean the undercarriage before and after winter. This way you protect it from salt from the roads. While at the car wash, also clean the inside of the car. This will keep the interior in good condition.

#6 Refrain From ‘Cold Starts’

Cold starts happen when you start your vehicle and immediately drive. This is because you’re running late and want to get quickly to your destination. Ideally, you must turn your car on and wait around 30 seconds before you drive it, no matter what kind of weather conditions you have. In cold weather, engines can collect condensation and contaminate the oil. Giving your car a couple of minutes to warm up before hitting the road can help this condensation evaporate and prevent damage to the engine.

#7 Fix Window and Windshield Chips

Window and windshield chips may seem like a minor issue. However, they can easily turn into big cracks. It is always best to fix a chip right away in order to avoid having to replace the entire glass down the road. Which could be a much more costly repair.

#8 Stay On Top Of Any Repairs

If an engine light or any other indicator light comes on in the dashboard or you know it’s time for a repair, it is always best to not neglect it. It is needed to keep your car in the best condition possible and avoid accidents that can cause more damage.

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