Do Auto Body Shops Fix Interiors Too?

//Do Auto Body Shops Fix Interiors Too?

Do Auto Body Shops Fix Interiors Too?

Most people rely on cars to get around but keeping them in good shape takes time and effort, as well as money. Often your vehicle will need maintenance and repairs you weren’t expecting. Actually, you probably have paid several visits to a body repair shop since you first bought your car. Even though everybody knows what an auto body repair shop is, some people still ask if body repair shops can fix their car interior too. The short answer is yes. 

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Interior Auto Collision Repair

It goes without saying that car collisions can cause pretty bad cosmetic problems. This is why it can be easy to neglect your car’s interior. However, it is crucial to fix every single damage, inside and out. Leaving them unfixed can normally lead to bigger issues, and that includes repair costs, and nobody really wants that.

Having your car repaired can include multiple fixes that are important for the performance and lifespan of your car. For example, your vehicle has computers that can get damaged in a collision. To keep these computers working properly it’s gonna need electrical repairs. 

These computers are connected to sensors that monitor air temperature, air pressure, throttle position, oxygen, and engine temperature. Your car’s temperature display it’s designed to monitor your vehicle’s performance. This is why it is important to fix interior components like these and not overlook them.

Examples of Interior Repair

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Seat belts
  • Security system
  • Keyless entry
  • Airbags
  • Airbag replacement
  • Center console removal and replacement
  • Weatherstrip and sill plate replacement
  • Seat removal and replacement
  • Headliner replacement
  • Car detailing to keep your car’s interior clean and appealing
  • Fabric, leather, and carpet


Doing collision repairs requires a qualified auto technician, they have the professional expertise to meet your car’s repair needs and get you back on the road quickly.

How Interior Repairs Benefit You 

When you get your interior repair you can also get your interior clean professionally. Here are the benefits you can expect:


  • Improves a car’s ride comfort
  • Restores the car to “like-new” condition
  • Increases your car’s resale value
  • Interior repairs cost much less than having replacements


On occasion, an upholstery component may be simply too damaged to repair.  When that happens, a collision repair shop can affordably replace that part with a new one, and get you confidently on the road again.

When is Interior Repair Covered by Insurance?

If your interior damage is caused by an accident, it is covered by your regular insurance. If the damage was caused by vandalism it is only covered by comprehensive insurance.

Interior damage caused by your own negligence is not covered by any kind of insurance. This could be tricky when you negotiate water damage as an indirect result of a car accident. But, if a window broke in a car accident and it’s raining, this damage is not preventable. 

If a booster seat or a baby seat was damaged, it is not covered by your regular insurance, but could be covered by comprehensive insurance. 

Auto Body Painting

If your car needs auto painting services don’t hesitate to bring it to Sudden Impact Auto. Once your car is repaired, auto paint can be the best way to boost your vehicle’s appearance.

Sudden Impact Auto offers computerized color matching, and we can easily be your best bet. Our specialists use the best equipment to help determine the right paint for your car. Our technology ensures the perfect finish. It is the best option for car owners that need a quick touch up for scuff removal or a scratch.


Find the Right Local Body Repair Shop

Not all auto body repair shops in Las Vegas can fix interiors. This is why you have to go to the one that meets your automotive needs. If you’re in Las Vegas, contact Sudden Impact Auto. We are specialists in top-quality, advanced repairs. Don’t hesitate to call us at 702-457-3002 today to schedule an appointment.