Dangers You May Not Know About Keyless Ignition Vehicles

//Dangers You May Not Know About Keyless Ignition Vehicles

Dangers You May Not Know About Keyless Ignition Vehicles

Usually, when you park your car in the garage, you take off your seat belt and just get out. You unload the can and close the garage door and go into your home. Your engine will still be running during this and the build-up of carbon monoxide will eventually seep into your home. Unfortunately, this type of scenario has happened many times in real life and people have even lost their life because of it. Since the invention of keyless-ignition vehicles in 200, there have been more than 36 people killed by getting carbon monoxide poisoning and others have had brain damage because of this kind of mistake. According to the CDC, this is only a fraction of the average 50,000 people affected every year by CO poisoning.


Finger about to hit the ignition start button in a keyless car


Use Caution When Using Push-Button Ignitions

Keyless ignition vehicles have been the standard since 2018, they are easy and convenient, but this technology comes with deadly consequences.

Keyless ignition vehicles with push-start have some advantages like it being more secure since it is wirelessly connected to the car’s computer, unlike traditional keyed door locks.

Another advantage can be that it alleviates the need to dig into your purse or pockets to look for your car keys. Instead, you can just be near your car and it will be paired with the access credentials saved in the car’s key fob. It will automatically unlock when you open the door.

However, there is a problem with this very popular feature that comes on some car models. Some people are saying that they forget to push the push-start button a second time to turn the vehicle off. Some people may be in a rush and step out of the car thinking it is off. Only to find the car still running the next morning. 

This scenario would be a lucky one if you parked on the street and it only cost you a tank of gas. However, other people may have had this mistake cost them their lives. 

Drivers who are used to turning and removing a key from the ignition to turn the car off can be confused by a quieter, newer engine into thinking it was already off. Experts in car safety have pushed for safety features like alarms or automatic engine shut-offs to alert people that their engine is still running.

Car Theft On The Rise with Keyless Entry Vehicles

Push-button starters can be pretty convenient, however, they can also make it easier for criminals to steal the cars of forgetful owners. The days of hot-wiring a car are over, the only thing a thief needs is to find a car where the key fob was left inside. They can just open the door, press the button, and drive away. 


According to Forbes, insurance companies reveal that between 2016 and 2019 car theft has increased. Luxury cars like Audi, Jaguar, Lexus, BMW, etc especially. Additionally, the number of theft claims from this type of vehicle has risen significantly in that time. 

How To Decrease The Risk Of Your Car Getting Stolen

The following simple measures can decrease the risk of your car getting stolen:

  1. Never forget to lock your car and close the windows. 
  2. Never leave your car keys or fob in the car
  3. Park only in well-lit places. 
  4. Don’t leave any valuables in the car. 
  5. Be careful where you keep your key fob

Here is a list of 5 things to do if your car has been broken into.

Keyless Ignition Vehicle Repairs in Las Vegas

If your key fob stops working it could be a simple repair for Sudden Impact Auto. Bring your car over to us and our experts will do a thorough inspection of your car and find out exactly what’s wrong. Give us a call today at 702-457-3002.