What Auto Damages Are Sustained When You’re In A Rear-End Collision

//What Auto Damages Are Sustained When You’re In A Rear-End Collision

What Auto Damages Are Sustained When You’re In A Rear-End Collision

Las Vegas is a city full of excitement. If you live and work in Las Vegas or even if you’re just visiting, you can expect a city full of activity. Roads are busy and traffic is often congested. Out-of-state drivers and tourists aren’t always familiar with the roads and the number of distractions in the city can lead to a lack of concentration and unexpected car accidents, especially rear-end collisions. If you’ve been involved in a rear-end collision in Las Vegas, visit Sudden Impact Auto Body for a free car inspection. 

Rear-End Collisions

Common Damages Sustained During a Rear-End Collision

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of motor vehicle accidents. A rear end collision happens when the front end of a vehicle hits the rear end of another vehicle from behind.

Some occur at higher rates of speed that result in serious damage, and others occur at slower rates resulting in what seems to be no damage. Even if your car looks undamaged, it is still important to have a professional auto body repair shop inspect it.

Damages To Your Trunk

After a rear end collision your trunk may have some damages such as:

  • Failure to open and close smoothly, and lock securely – It may pop open on the highway and obstruct the rear view.
  • Is slammed shut with no way of opening it
  • Water seepage – the trunk lid’s seal can be compromised, allowing moisture to enter the compartment

While these issues may not affect the ability to drive the vehicle, they can lead to safety issues and will reduce the value of the car.

Damages to Parking Camera/Motion Sensors

Most new vehicles have parking cameras and motion sensors installed on the rear of the vehicle. These allow drivers to see what is behind them and get a better feeling of their surroundings without having to turn around. They can prevent fatal accidents from occurring when small children, people of advanced age or even pets unexpectedly get behind the vehicle.

Damaged Parking Camera Aid

Rear-end collisions may damage these safety devices. Having a damaged parking camera and motion sensors could increase your chances of having further incidents, which can result in an increase of your insurance premiums.

Damaged Motion Sensor

Motion sensors can sense when your vehicle gets close to an object. Having faulty sensors can also create the illusion of being safe when it comes in close contact with physical objects, which can directly increase your chances of crashing/damaging your vehicle.

Damaged Brake & Tail Lights

Rear end collisions can also inflict heavy damage on your brake and tail light bulbs. Even a small impact can mess up wires that potentially compromise electrical systems that keep your vehicle operating. Loose wire connections can affect your brake and tail lights.

Damage to these lights can further increase the damages of additional rear-end collisions. Drivers behind your car won’t see your tail lights when you’re braking or traveling in front of them during poor visibility conditions.

Tire Alignment

The most common problem drivers will face after a rear-end collision is tire alignment. There may not be physical signs when your wheels are misaligned, some common signs of these issues are steering wobble, vibrations and the vehicle pulling to one side.

Vehicles with misaligned wheels are dangerous to drive, they can put lives at risk since unevenly worn tires are at risk of a blowout. Your car may become less stable, which would be hard to maneuver when having to take evasive or emergency action.

Rear-End Collision Repair in Las Vegas

Even the smallest of rear-end collisions can cause serious problems to your vehicle and put yours and others’ safety at risk. Don’t let the damage go undetected if you had a car accident. The most important thing to remember after a rear-end collision is that time is of the essence. The damage in your vehicle may not be visible to your eyes, but an expert auto body technician can have it assessed.

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