At Sudden Impact Auto Body we have over 30 years of experience with dealing with cars. We are Las Vegas’s one-stop sow when it comes to all things to do with auto bodywork repair.Car In Las Vegas Desert

What Services Our Reputable Auto Body Shop in Las Vegas Cover:

An auto body shop in Las Vegas can come in all shapes and sizes. There are some that specialize in collision repair, where others can just focus on the aesthetic appeal of the car when it comes to paint and graphics. However at Sudden Impact Auto Body we prefer to be experts in all the fields when it comes to auto repair and maintenance. Here are some of the main services that we focus on.

Auto Dent Repair

Auto dents are just a thing of life. Many of us will rarely go through our entire driving careers without suffering at least one minor collision. Providing they are not that serious, the auto dent repair service can be quick and not that expensive. We can either use our PDR technique (more on that below) or simply replace the damaged body part with an OEM piece. It is important to get them fixed as quickly as possible, as auto dents can lead to further damage to your vehicle. For more on that check out our article on quick dent repair here.

Fender Repair

The fender is one of the most commonly damaged parts of a vehicle when it comes to auto collisions in Las Vegas. The fender is the part that frames the wheels. Due to its locations, people usually swerve at the last second in order to avoid a head on collision, so the fender is a commonly damaged area. Our technicians will not only inspect the exterior damage received, we will remove the trim in order to assess if the wheels, brakes, axels, or any other form of internal damage has been sustained.

Bumper Repair

The bumper repair process is similar to the fender repair process above. All cars have both front and rear bumpers, and due to its location, easily pick’s up knocks and scratches. Head on collisions, rear-ending, bad parallel parking, misjudging sharp turns all result in significant bumper damage. The bumper repair process depends on the severity of the damage inflicted. A few minor cosmetic damages like scratches, scuffs, scrapes etc. can be filled in, sanded down, and repainted to make it look as good as new. For more severe damages like dings and dents, we can either replace the bumper completely with an OEM part, or use our Paintless Dent Repair technique.

Auto Painting

With any good auto body repair shop, car painting is a must skill when it comes to repairing all of the damage sustained by your vehicle. But we do get customers who just want to switch up the color of their car for a fresh approach. Auto paint is not only for aesthetic appeal, it also provides a purpose of protecting your vehicle from the natural elements. Auto paint protects your car from rusting, wind erosion, and especially as we are based in Las Vegas, sand erosion. All of these elements can damage the bodywork of your car, especially if you have sustained a dent, exposing it.

Auto Paint Repair

Auto paint repair is an important process when it comes to maintaining the value of your vehicle. If you have been involved in a collision recently, or sustained damage to the bodywork of your car, you will need an auto paint job in order to restore it to its initial value. The auto paint repair process is difficult to the untrained professional. Getting the exact shade of color required, especially if you are just trying to match a previously replaced part can be time consuming. Leave it to the professionals, we stand by our work every time.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Also known as paintless dent removal, this is the process of pushing out and massaging the dent out of the auto bodywork. Because you are only pushing out the dent, there is no chipped or scratched paint damage. No parts need to be replaced or repainted, and it can be done quickly. If you want to find out more about our paintless dent repair method you can visit our other blog post here.

Car Frame Straightening

Frame straightening is an important process, as it will keep the safety integrity of the vehicle. After a collision it is not uncommon for the frame of your car to me misaligned. It is not only what gives the car the style and sleek look, it is the skeletal composition of your vehicle. As with humans, if there is a misalignment it can result in other parts of your vehicle taking on a heavier burden than usual, resulting in a gradual degradation. Car frame straightening is an important process, as it will keep you and your loved ones safe. We have the tools in order to see the structural safety of the frame, and if its is beyond repair we can safely take out the compromised part, and weld a stable OEM piece back in its place. You can trust us, when it comes to the safety of our customers we take absolutely no shortcuts.

Window Tint Installation

Window tinting in Las Vegas is very popular as it performs a number of functions, not least of which are cooling down your car by preventing the majority of harmful UV rays entering through the window. But window tinting has a few other purposes:

  • Window tint can stop 99.99% of harmful UV rays from entering your car, compared to the 30% that a normal car window stops
  • Offers protections against shards of glass spreading if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a car accident.
  • Offers privacy from others (depending on the level of tint) allowing you to sing away to your hearts content without feeling judged.

For more information on our auto window tinting service, you can check out our blog post here.

Why Choose An Experienced Auto Body Shop In Las Vegas

When it comes to choosing who to give your auto repair business to, it is important you consider the integrity of the company. At Sudden Impact we pride ourselves in getting your back on the road quickly, cost effective, but most importantly safely. We will never take shortcuts when it comes to providing a safe and reliable vehicle for you and your family to drive off on. If you have had a recent car accident in Las Vegas, call us today on (702) 457-3002. You can also find out online contact form here for a free inspection.