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Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

Your car’s wheels must be pointing straight and meet the road a the right angle. And, your tires must be centered in the wheel wells. Otherwise, when your wheels are not properly aligned, you risk encountering many problems while driving. Let’s learn about the importance of wheel alignment. The Importance Of Wheel Alignment There are [...]

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How To Deal With a Fender Bender

A fender bender is usually unexpected and sudden. They can happen where you least expect it. Let’s take a look at what a fender bender actually is and compare it to other car accidents before we continue. A fender bender is a minor crash between two motor vehicles. In many cases, these collisions do small [...]

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5 Common Auto Body Repair Shop Services

Auto body collision repair is a common request among Las Vegas vehicle owners. From full-on collisions to fender benders, unfortunately, accidents happen every day. They leave scratches and dents on cars, damaged panels, and scraping paint. You may be wonder what the common auto body repair shop services are. Generally, they involve damage repair of [...]

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4 Common Undercarriage Damages We Tend To Miss

Do you know that “out of sight, out of mind” concept? It is not one that seems to apply when it comes to vehicle undercarriage damages. As vehicle owners, we spend a lot of money and time caring for the visible parts of our cars but often neglect the undercarriage. Your vehicle’s undercarriage requires the [...]

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What Are the Dangers of Driving a Car With a Broken Suspension?

Every car has a suspension. It is the collection of parts that keep the car off the ground, cushions the cargo and passengers from bumps, and allows the car to turn. The suspension is composed of the wheels and tires, shocks and springs, joints and linkages, as well as the steering system. Like all parts [...]

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What Does OEM Mean? And Why Should I Choose OEM Parts?

Oh, that sweet ride, your baby, has seen better days, hasn’t it? It needs a little TLC, or maybe a lot. Whether it needs work inside or out, there are dozens upon dozens of auto repair shops in Las Vegas to choose from. How do you compare one from another? Why You Should Be [...]

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