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Light Mechanical & General Maintenance

/Light Mechanical & General Maintenance
  • girl in car with AC not working

Why Is The AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

If your car’s AC busts on a hot summer day, running errands and going to work can be miserable. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic in a hot car. If your car’s AC is not blowing cold air, there are a few reasons why. Here are some of the most common problems and [...]

Why Is The AC Not Blowing Cold Air?2021-05-04T20:42:46+00:00
  • engine

How Does A CVT Transmission Work?

If you’re looking to buy a new car, you may see the term CVT Transmission. What does it mean? Is it something important you should get or avoid? Read on to learn from one of our experts what it is and how it works. What is CVT? CVT is short for continuously variable transmission, which [...]

How Does A CVT Transmission Work?2021-04-15T18:51:34+00:00
  • car steering

What Are the Dangers of Driving a Car With a Broken Suspension?

Every car has a suspension. It is the collection of parts that keep the car off the ground, cushions the cargo and passengers from bumps, and allows the car to turn. The suspension is composed of the wheels and tires, shocks and springs, joints and linkages, as well as the steering system. Like all parts [...]

What Are the Dangers of Driving a Car With a Broken Suspension?2021-03-16T19:35:23+00:00
  • mechanic giving car maintenance

6 Basic Car Care Tips For First-Time Car Owners

Everybody knows how important it is to perform regular vehicle maintenance to ensure safety and your car’s efficiency. However, if you’re a first-time car owner, you might not know exactly what you should be doing to maintain your car in good condition. Here’s a list of some basic car care tips. #1 Check Tire Pressure [...]

6 Basic Car Care Tips For First-Time Car Owners2020-12-03T17:06:54+00:00
  • white car

Why Is My Car Vibrating?

We think it’s safe to say most people have experienced their car vibrating. The car starts vibrating out of nowhere and you have no idea what’s happening. Maybe it starts vibrating as you stop at a stoplight or as you accelerate in the street. It is definitely a scary feeling because you don’t know what’s [...]

Why Is My Car Vibrating?2020-11-02T22:03:49+00:00
  • car rust

Why You Should Not Ignore Car Rust

Rust is considered a car’s silent killer. Rust can make an expensive new car look like a beat-up one. It can lower your car’s resale value and if you don’t treat it, it can even make your car unsafe to drive. Ignoring car rust can send your car to an early death. However, we have [...]

Why You Should Not Ignore Car Rust2020-10-01T19:21:35+00:00
  • gas pump

What To Do If You Put Wrong Gas In Your Car?

Picture the following: you pull up to a gas station, pay for gas, pick up the nozzle at the pump, and fill up your vehicle not with gas, but with diesel. In this situation, it would be good to know the symptoms your car could present if you put the wrong gas in it. If [...]

What To Do If You Put Wrong Gas In Your Car?2020-09-15T19:01:23+00:00
  • Maintenance during COVID-19

How To Maintain Your Car During COVID-19

As shelter-in-place orders are still on in many states, including Nevada, you are encouraged to work from home. You may find that your vehicle has been driven less than usual. In case you didn’t know, leaving your car parked for long periods of time can have real repercussions that can impact the reliability and safety [...]

How To Maintain Your Car During COVID-192020-09-15T19:53:11+00:00
  • car's interior covid-19 free

COVID-19: How To Keep It Away From Your Car’s Interior

Cars are essential for many people’s livelihoods, and it could even be their business, so for a large portion of the population, staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic is not a viable option. Currently, the government’s advice is to stay home if you think you’re at risk. So, it’s understandable if you’re feeling anxious about [...]

COVID-19: How To Keep It Away From Your Car’s Interior2020-09-15T19:53:19+00:00
  • rodent

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Car

Rodents sound like something you shouldn’t be worrying about. But when rodents like mice, rats, or squirrels get into your car, they can cause mayhem. And after what we found out what happened to a local Las Vegas driver, we thought we could give you a heads up. Last January, a Las Vegas driver [...]

Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Car2020-09-15T19:53:31+00:00