Broken Tail Light? Here’s Why You Should Fix It ASAP

//Broken Tail Light? Here’s Why You Should Fix It ASAP

Broken Tail Light? Here’s Why You Should Fix It ASAP

If you have a broken tail light, you need to replace it or repair it right away. This is because, if your tail light is broken, other drivers may have trouble seeing your car. This can increase your chances of getting involved in an accident.

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What To Do If You Have a Broken Tail Light

If you notice your tail light is no longer working as expected, you will need to replace it or fix it before you drive your car again. If you don’t do it, you are creating a hazard for both you and other motorists.

Is It Illegal to Have A Cracked Tail Light Cover?

Driving with a broken tail light is against the law. Every car is required to have two taillights in working condition. Additionally, all tail light lenses have to be clear. And, they should be the lenses fabricated by the original car manufacturer and be in good condition.
Another illegal thing is to install dark bulbs or lenses that prevent the effectiveness of tail lights. Your car should only have tail lights with U.S. Department of Transportation approved bulbs.

Causes of Broken Tail Lights

3 of the most common reasons why tail lights get broken include:

#1 Defective Fuse

Your vehicle has a fuse box located on the front passenger side most likely, or under the hood. Fuses are what control the electrical components of your vehicle. If your tail light is no longer working, you can check the fuse box to see if this is the root cause of the problem. Your vehicle’s owner manual includes details about where the fuse box is located and which one is the tail light fuse.
A fuse tester can help you determine if your tail light fuse is working properly. If this fuse is not lit up, buy and install a new one with the same amperage.

#2 Bulb Burns Out

A tail light bulb can burn out after a long time of use. To be able to know if this is the case, check out the bulb. You can see the bulb’s filament to know if it’s defective. If it is broken, you will need to replace the bulb.

#3 Socket Is No Longer Working

There may be occasions when the light bulb socket of the tail light malfunctions. This can happen because of moisture entering the socket and causing some corrosion. Or, it can also happen due to a poor connection of the wires from the socket to the bulb.
When checking the socket, look for any damage or discoloration. If the socket is brown, blue, or white or the pins are broken or bent, it has to be replaced.
You can use a multimeter to check a socket’s electrical current. This device can show you if the electricity is actually checking the socket’s pins.

Tracking down the source of a malfunctioning tail light can be challenging and even frustrating. So, if you are not sure about what is causing your broken tail light, it is worth it to go and see a certified auto mechanic. This way you can get your car inspected, know what the cause is, and get your broken tail light replaced or fixed.

Why You Need To Fix A Broken Tail Light ASAP

The broken tail light is not going to get replaced or repaired on its own. The longer you wait to get it done, the more likely it will result in an accident. Be proactive when it comes to keeping up with your car’s maintenance. Regularly test your tail lights, and if you find any defects, take care of them immediately.

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