What to do if the Auto Collision Center Doesn’t Fully Repair Your Car?

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What to do if the Auto Collision Center Doesn’t Fully Repair Your Car?

You have been in an accident and taken the necessary steps through the insurance company to have your car repaired in an auto collision center. A few days later you get your car back and everything is normal again. For most people involved in an auto collision accident this is the usual route that goes down. But what if your car wasn’t perfectly restored to its original state? What do you do after that? At Sudden Impact Auto Body, we always put the customers satisfaction first. Here is what to look out for if you feel the collision center didn’t fully restore your vehicle.

Auto Collision Center

What Parts Did the Auto Collision Center Use?

The first question to ask is if the repair technicians used OEM parts when restoring your vehicle? OEM (Original Manufacturer Equipment) parts are specifically produced that establishes a high standard in quality. If you had a Ford car, you should want the auto repair technicians to use Ford manufactured parts that are specifically designed to fit your vehicle.

Why Choose OEM parts?

OEM parts are safer because they are made with the highest quality of materials. They are also tested rigorously in order to pass the quality inspection that is established by the Federal Motor Vehicles Safety Standards regulations. OEM parts will also retain the majority of your vehicles resale value. When looking to sell your car under law you are obliged to state any accidents the car has been involved in, and the steps taken to repair it including the parts used.

What are the Alternatives to OEM parts?

There is cheaper knock off parts that can be used in order to repair your vehicle. We believe it is best to avoid these for a number of reasons:

Car Safety

These parts are made with substandard materials that have not been assessed by any authoritative governing body. If you were to get involved in another collision they may crumble under the pressure, putting you and your loved ones at serious risk.

They Don’t Fit Your Car Properly

These parts are not manufactured specifically with your vehicle in mind. A lot of the time they have to tweaked and forced into place. Over time they will become loose and fall apart in the least opportune moment.

Lower Car Resale Value

Just like OEM parts will retain your car’s resale value, third party manufactured parts will lower it. It is a cheap option for a reason, you get back what you put in.

Auto Collision Center Didn’t Inspect your Car Internally

After an auto collision accident, it is not just the body work of your vehicle that could have been damaged. If your vehicle sustained a heavy impact from another car or fixed object, the chances are that there could be internal damage that is invisible to the untrained eye. Some auto collision centers that receive a car insurance companies appraisal that is on the low side will just fix the aesthetics of the car without so much thought of what needs to be fixed on the inside. After receiving your vehicle back you may not notice the problems right away. The vehicles framework could be compromised and gradually degrading which could lead to major issues. That is why you need to ask if the internal workings of the vehicle have been assessed and if not then was there a reason? At Sudden Impact Auto Body we will administer a full car inspection and walk you through the issues that we have found and the recommended route to go down to tackle them.

What to Do if the Auto Collision Center Didn’t Fully Repair Your Car

If you don’t feel that your vehicle was properly repaired close to its original condition you should take it back immediately. There should be some guarantee in place from any reputable auto collision center in Las Vegas.

Auto Collision Center in Las Vegas

At Sudden Impact Auto Body, we always put the customers satisfactions and safety first. If you feel your vehicle hasn’t been properly serviced and the other collision center doesn’t agree to help you out, bring it in to us. We offer free car inspections in Las Vegas, and we will do our best to prove that there was an underlying issue from the car accident that should have been resolved. Call us at 702-457-3002 for your free car inspection. You can also submit an online contact form.