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  • steering wheel

What Is Power Steering System Repair?

Have you ever tried to drive a car without a power steering system? Well, you probably noticed how important it is for modern driving. The power steering system makes maneuvering your vehicle safer, easier, and more comfortable. It also allows you to swerve to avoid unexpected obstacles such as animals, pedestrians, etc. that are not [...]

What Is Power Steering System Repair?2021-09-15T19:37:54+00:00
  • auto body shop repair man

5 Common Auto Body Repair Shop Services

Auto body collision repair is a common request among Las Vegas vehicle owners. From full-on collisions to fender benders, unfortunately, accidents happen every day. They leave scratches and dents on cars, damaged panels, and scraping paint. You may be wonder what the common auto body repair shop services are. Generally, they involve damage repair of [...]

5 Common Auto Body Repair Shop Services2021-09-02T20:22:30+00:00
  • audi car parked in entryway

5 Signs of a Bad Driveshaft

When an engine produces a twisting force is called torque. The driveshaft’s job is to transmit the torque to the car’s wheels. Most cars are front-wheel drive, so when the torque is transmitted to the front two wheels, it’s called a half-shaft. But, other cars have a driveshaft. Would you know how to tell if [...]

5 Signs of a Bad Driveshaft2021-08-16T20:48:41+00:00
  • car accelerating

What To Do When Your Car Jerks When Accelerating

If you have ever experienced that your car jerks when accelerating, this is something you should never ignore. A car that jerks is usually a sign that your car will develop some issues if you don’t fix it right away. This can be difficult to feel and somewhat offputting when driving. To avoid a situation [...]

What To Do When Your Car Jerks When Accelerating2021-08-02T18:51:09+00:00
  • technician doing fiberglass repair

What Is Fiberglass Repair?

Fiberglass is a material that is very strong and durable. It can resist the abrasion and corrosion that can affect metals. The car industry has relied on this pretty lightweight material for many parts, including the body of your vehicle. Fiberglass repair is not terribly complicated. But it is definitely best to leave it for [...]

What Is Fiberglass Repair?2021-07-19T19:28:16+00:00
  • men looking under the car's hood

Why Is My Car Not Starting? | Sudden Impact Auto

The most common car issue auto body shops see is the car not starting. After all, if the car doesn’t run, nothing else matters so far, you can’t use your car. When an engine doesn’t start it can lead to you feeling helpless and totally stuck. You will likely have to be towed. And you [...]

Why Is My Car Not Starting? | Sudden Impact Auto2021-07-01T18:18:45+00:00
  • fuel injection service

What is a Fuel Injection Service And When Should You Do It?

Taking care of your car is part of responsibly owning a car and keeping up with the scheduled maintenance can help you save money long-term. You can do so many things to keep your car working properly and extend its life. Besides the scheduled car maintenance, a fuel injection service could be very beneficial to [...]

What is a Fuel Injection Service And When Should You Do It?2021-06-24T19:36:31+00:00
  • aluminum car

Aluminum Auto Body Repair: All You Need To Know

Using aluminum panels in cars is nothing new. Deck lids and hoods have been made of this material for years. Having steel parts replaced by aluminum can help minimize the weight of the vehicle, helping manufacturers to make specific emissions class vehicles. Actually, many luxury cars including the Range Rover, Ashton Martin, Jaguar, and Audi [...]

Aluminum Auto Body Repair: All You Need To Know2021-06-03T17:22:46+00:00
  • car keys

Pros and Cons Of Fixing Dents Before Selling Your Car

Even the most careful person can’t keep their car 100% safe from dents. A hailstorm, a rock flying on the road, or even a shopping cart at a parking lot are just a few of the minor potential damages. A couple of minor dings might be okay with you, but if you’re planning on selling [...]

Pros and Cons Of Fixing Dents Before Selling Your Car2021-05-14T19:43:28+00:00
  • girl in car with AC not working

Why Is The AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

If your car’s AC busts on a hot summer day, running errands and going to work can be miserable. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in traffic in a hot car. If your car’s AC is not blowing cold air, there are a few reasons why. Here are some of the most common problems and [...]

Why Is The AC Not Blowing Cold Air?2021-05-04T20:42:46+00:00