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  • deer on the road

7 Steps To Take After A Deer Collision

A deer collision can happen no matter what you do. So what do you need to do after you hit a deer? Below we discuss the steps you need to take if you have been involved in a deer collision or other large animals. Step #1 Make Sure No One Is Injured Hitting a deer [...]

7 Steps To Take After A Deer Collision2020-11-20T15:30:31+00:00
  • white car

Why Is My Car Vibrating?

We think it’s safe to say most people have experienced their car vibrating. The car starts vibrating out of nowhere and you have no idea what’s happening. Maybe it starts vibrating as you stop at a stoplight or as you accelerate in the street. It is definitely a scary feeling because you don’t know what’s [...]

Why Is My Car Vibrating?2020-11-02T22:03:49+00:00
  • someone breaking into a car

5 ThingsTo Do When Someone Breaks into Your Car

We don’t wish this on anyone, but let’s say someone breaks into your car and you need to report it and get your car repaired. If your vehicle got broken into, here is what you need to do to fix the issue as fast as possible and effectively: #1 Do Not Panic Try to take [...]

5 ThingsTo Do When Someone Breaks into Your Car2020-10-15T17:07:12+00:00
  • car rust

Why You Should Not Ignore Car Rust

Rust is considered a car’s silent killer. Rust can make an expensive new car look like a beat-up one. It can lower your car’s resale value and if you don’t treat it, it can even make your car unsafe to drive. Ignoring car rust can send your car to an early death. However, we have [...]

Why You Should Not Ignore Car Rust2020-10-01T19:21:35+00:00
  • hidden damage in a car

What is Hidden Auto Body Damage?

When you’re involved in a serious accident, you’re obviously going to bring your car to an experienced auto body shop like Sudden Impact Auto in Las Vegas. But even if your vehicle was involved in a low-speed collision, we still recommend to bring it in because there could be damage that can’t be detected with [...]

What is Hidden Auto Body Damage?2020-09-18T18:37:59+00:00
  • car parked in driveway

What You Should Do If You Get Brake Fluid On Car Paint

Brake fluid checks are supposed to be done regularly by car owners to keep their cars running well. But accidental spills happen and they can be problematic for the paint job. If you’re planning on doing a fluid change yourself, you need to be prepared to clean it all up. It can be a difficult [...]

What You Should Do If You Get Brake Fluid On Car Paint2020-09-15T19:52:13+00:00
  • ceramic coating

8 Myths About Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is very popular these days. But many people have a lot of false information about them. Sometimes the manufacturers and sellers of ceramic coating want you to believe it’s the perfect solution to protect car paint. However, sometimes this is not completely true. Below you will find 8 myths about ceramic coating being [...]

8 Myths About Ceramic Coating2020-09-15T19:42:50+00:00
  • vehicle customization

The 6 Top Benefits Of Vehicle Customization

Cars should not only tell you what year they’re from, but they should also tell you about their driver. So, what is your car actually saying about you? It doesn’t matter if you’re into the vintage look, or you want to add a deck-out stereo or you just need a lift kit. Here are 6 [...]

The 6 Top Benefits Of Vehicle Customization2020-09-15T19:25:24+00:00
  • vehicle wrap

5 Things You Might Not Know About Vehicle Wraps

If you’re interested in upgrading the appearance of your commercial vehicle, you might want to install a vehicle wrap. One of the most popular questions we get from vehicle owners when they’re trying to decide whether they want a vehicle wrap is: Do vehicle wraps ruin car paint? The short answer is no. When you [...]

5 Things You Might Not Know About Vehicle Wraps2020-11-20T15:45:51+00:00
  • gas pump

What To Do If You Put Wrong Gas In Your Car?

Picture the following: you pull up to a gas station, pay for gas, pick up the nozzle at the pump, and fill up your vehicle not with gas, but with diesel. In this situation, it would be good to know the symptoms your car could present if you put the wrong gas in it. If [...]

What To Do If You Put Wrong Gas In Your Car?2020-09-15T19:01:23+00:00