All You Need to Know About Vehicle Scanners | Sudden Impact Auto

//All You Need to Know About Vehicle Scanners | Sudden Impact Auto

All You Need to Know About Vehicle Scanners | Sudden Impact Auto

Technology in the car industry is so advanced these days. Things like adaptive steering, video-assisted rear-view mirrors, and now even self-driving software make driving a much more interesting experience. However, there is one major disadvantage to this technology. Cars like this can be so complex that collision repair specialists have a difficult time diagnosing cars. Nowadays even basic repairs require vehicle scanners.

The asTech scanner is the best in the industry and helps collision repair professionals to service your car. Keep reading to learn what it is and why it’s the best.

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How Collision Repair Shops Use Vehicle Scanners

When you bring your car to a repair shop like Sudden Impact Auto, the collision professionals plug the asTech vehicle scanner into your car’s OBD-III port. They then email your car’s information to a diagnostic specialist at asTech’s headquarters. After 30 minutes, your collision repair technician will get a report with a report of your car. This gives them the information needed to know what’s wrong with your vehicle and fix any problems.
After the repairs are done, the technician will scan your car again to make sure nothing else happened during the repair.

Why Would Something Happen During Repairs?

Newer car models are way more complicated than they were 30 years ago. A car’s electronic components take up to 100 million lines of code. Just so you can compare, Facebook only has 60 million lines. Even the minimal change in these lines of code can throw something off in your car. So whenever your car goes for a repair there might be some unintended consequences.

What The asTech Vehicle Scanners Mean For You

By having your car diagnosed by a vehicle scanner you save time and money. Since it only takes 30 minutes to scan and get diagnostic, you benefit from lower labor costs and getting your car fixed correctly the first time.
Auto body repair shops actually save money too. Some collision repair shops outsource cars to the dealership because diagnosing problems is costly. The asTech vehicle scanner provides all the tools that a dealership has at only a fraction of the cost. By using this scanner, a repair shop can save days of diagnosing and improve their repair times.


What Makes The asTech Unit Different?

There are several reasons why this particular vehicle scanner is a more viable option for diagnosing.

Lower Costs For The Repair Shop, Lower Charges To Clients

When an auto repair shop gets a vehicle scanner they normally need to pay up-front and have monthly or yearly fees. Most of the time, one single scanner is not enough so they need to purchase one or two more. This can mean up to $30,000. When this is the case, they end up charging more money to their customers to get a return-on-investment. For collision repair shops that have AsTech they only pay an up-front cost and no yearly fees.

Faster Updates Save Time

The asTech vehicle scanner works with vehicle manufacturers to make sure they receive the updates at the same time they do. A collision shop with this scanner can service your car faster.


When a collision repair uses any other vehicle scanner there is the risk of it reporting an incomplete diagnosis. When the job isn’t finished the first time, you might have to take your vehicle back for more repairs. This will ultimately lead to you spending more money and keep you off the road longer.

With asTech you will know exactly what is wrong with your car before you leave the shop.

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