Acting Fast With A Cracked Windshield | Las Vegas Auto Body Shop

//Acting Fast With A Cracked Windshield | Las Vegas Auto Body Shop

Acting Fast With A Cracked Windshield | Las Vegas Auto Body Shop

Being involved in an auto collision in Las Vegas is never a fun moment for anyone. From the minor scratches to T-bone collisions, Sudden Impact Auto Body has seen it all through over 30 years in the auto repair industry, so when it comes to dealing with a cracked windshield we know more than anybody that time is of the essence. Just like in our article of “4 Reasons To Act Fast When Dealing With A Dent”, taking care of a cracked windshield sooner is far better than later.

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Sustaining a cracked windshield does not have to involve a car accident at all. You could simply be driving along behind another vehicle that flicks a hard piece of gravel onto your vehicle, resulting in a small crack. The problems with these small chips or cracks are that if left unattended, they will become a for more serious problem.

What to Consider When Dealing with a Cracked Windshield

Is it safe to drive with a cracked windshield? Much like dealing with a dent it is safe to drive initially but leave it for a long time and the integrity of the glass will decrease further. Here are 4 things to consider when your windshield becomes chipped:

Size of Chipped/Cracked Windshield           

The size of the cracked windshield is important because the larger it is, the greater the chance that it will spread, and the integrity of the glass will fail. There is also the factor of light refracting abnormally within the crack, especially in the Las Vegas sun, which can cause further distraction for the driver.

The Position of the Crack

If the crack is located centrally or on the left side of the windshield the greater the chance the driver’s view can be obstructed or cause a distraction. Cracks appearing on the far right have less of a chance of distracting the driver, and depending on the size, should be safe enough to drive with. The weakest part of a windshield is right in the center, as it is the furthest away from any supporting structures, so a chip located there is at its most vulnerable and is more likely to spread.

Factors That Further Damage Windshield Cracks

If you have sustained a damaged windshield that looks like it is okay to drive with you need to be aware of the following factors that could make it worse:


Driving around on the dusty desert roads in Las Vegas with a cracked windshield is asking for trouble. Your windshield is made up of two layers of glass with a layer of vinyl in between. Driving around with this exposed could allow dirt to get again and once it’s in there, it’s very difficult to get out. This will further exaggerate the appearance of the crack. You are best to put some transparent tape over it temporarily to keep the dirt out.


As with dirt, water getting into the cracks between the layers of glass is also a problem. When water freezes it expands which will increase the damage already sustained. Although Las Vegas only gets about 8 nights per year of freezing temperatures, it is not uncommon for our residents to take a drive to colder climates.

Contrasting Temperatures

Between the intense heat from the Las Vegas sun and the cool breeze of the air conditioning, the added pressure from inside and outside the windshield can make any cracks spread.

Natural Road Bumps

Between car doors slamming, heavy road bumps and anything else that adds impact to your car can be critical if you have a crack in the windshield.

Do I need to Repair or Replace the Windshield?

It is possible to repair glass chips in a windshield providing the match the following criteria:

  • The chip can only be approximately the size of the diameter of a quarter coin.
  • It should also be situated at least 2 inches from the edge

Any damage that exceeds the above criteria will result in the windshield needing to be completely replaced.

Las Vegas Auto Body Repair Shop

If you have been in a recent car collision in Las Vegas and in need of some auto repair services, you can call us on (702) 457-3002 or submit an online contact form. We offer free auto body inspections. It is common with a lot of auto collisions that your windshield glass will sustain damage.


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