7 Steps To Take After A Deer Collision

//7 Steps To Take After A Deer Collision

7 Steps To Take After A Deer Collision

A deer collision can happen no matter what you do. So what do you need to do after you hit a deer? Below we discuss the steps you need to take if you have been involved in a deer collision or other large animals.

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Step #1 Make Sure No One Is Injured

Hitting a deer can cause severe injury and even death to you and your passengers in the car. It is of the utmost importance to get help for anyone injured before anything else.

Step #2 Move Your Car To a Safe Place

Move out of traffic’s way to the side of the road and turn on your hazard lights. This will allow you to fully assess the damage to your car and your passengers without being in harm’s way. The hazard lights will also let other drivers know you and potentially the deer are on the road.

Step #3 Call The Police

If the deer you hit is blocking traffic, it could become a danger to other drivers. You need to call the police and let them know of the situation. If you are able to move the deer out of traffic, do it, but don’t remove it from the area completely.

Step #4 Document

Make sure to take pictures of the road, the scene of the accident, the surroundings and the car damage, as well as injuries. This will all be really helpful when you file an insurance claim.

Step #5 Don’t Touch The Deer If You Can Avoid It

A scared and injured deer could hurt you or itself. Don’t touch the deer if you don’t need to move it off the road immediately.

Step #6 Call Your Insurance Company

You need to file an insurance claim if you want to have it repaired. You need to keep in mind that your insurance premium might increase if you make a claim. However, if you have serious damage, it will definitely be worth it, since repair might be expensive.

Step #7 Don’t Drive Away immediately

Look around the scene of the accident for any loose parts, broken lights or any other hazards. Slowly drive away and keep a lookout for unusual noises in your car.

How To Avoid And Handle A Deer Collision

As we approach the holiday season, deer tend to get busy, not just humans. When you’re rushing and preparing for the holidays you can be distracted. When you drive during peak deer season, the best thing you can do is to stay alert. Driver extra carefully through areas where deer-crossing zones are posted, as well as back roads that go through forests and farmland. Make sure to use your car’s high beams when you can. They can be very helpful to light up the deer’s eyes and let you know when there is one near the road. Often times, those few extra seconds of spotting a deer can help you avoid hitting it.

You also need to keep in mind that deer travel in herds. If you see one, there are likely many more. They tend to walk in single files. If you almost hit a deer, that is a clear sign to slow down because there may be more. It is very important to wear seat belts at all times, as it can save your life in case you hit a deer. 

Most importantly, if you hit a deer, the best is to remain as calm as possible. Many times when we see a deer on the road our instinct is to swerve, but you might move into another car’s path or lose control of yours. The best is to stay in your lane, even if that means hitting the deer. Hold on to the steering wheel tightly and firmly apply the brake.  

Deer Collision Auto Body Repair Shop In Las Vegas

Deer collisions can undoubtedly cause severe damage to your vehicle. The good news is that your car can be repaired and it is usually covered by insurance. Sudden Impact Auto has repaired vehicles damaged by deer collisions. We will work to fix your car right away! Call today at 702-457-3002.