7 Spring Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car on the Road

//7 Spring Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car on the Road

7 Spring Car Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car on the Road

Warm weather, blooming flowers, and birds chirping can only mean spring is finally here. After a long winter and every hazard that comes with driving in it, now is a great time to take care of car maintenance in time for long summer road trips. A new season comes with specific challenges and concerns for vehicle owners, so it’s always a good idea to learn about spring car maintenance. 

Millions of Americans rely on their car to get them everywhere they need to go and knowing how to care for them is essential. Unfortunately, many people don’t know where to start when it comes to starting a maintenance plan. That’s why we’ve put together 7 spring car maintenance tips to help you keep your car in top shape.

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#1 Check For Winter Damage

After months of weather conditions and winter activities, it is important to learn how to recognize damage and do a complete check to see the early signs. Many vehicle owners don’t see minor damages during the winter months. So as we enter spring, take the opportunity to get your vehicle checked for any signs of damage, such as scratches, dents, and paint chips that may have resulted from hail, flying debris, and ice scrapers. 

A very common problem during the winter is rust given the combination of deicing salt on the roads, low temperatures, and frequent moisture increases the risk of rust. Rust can happen on any surface, but make sure you pay extra attention to the underside of the vehicle, as this can go unnoticed.

#2 Look For Cracked Windshields and Replace Wipers

Flying pebbles, scraping ice, and freezing rain can take a severe toll on your windshield. Even virtually invisible tiny cracks will get worse over time and can force you to replace your entire windshield. So spring is a great time to take a better look at the glass to see any cracks that may have taken place during the winter.

It is also highly likely that your windshield wipers have been overused and UV exposure and persistent use can wear them down, causing them not to work as properly. Replacing the wiper blades is a good way to prepare your car for every condition, and it’s very affordable.

#3 Change The Oil

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, vehicles need regular oil changes to keep the engines running well. It is recommended that you change the oil every 6 months or every 3,000 miles. Scheduling regular oil changes is the best way to make sure your essential functions are maintained. This is why it is a great idea to include it in the spring maintenance plan.

#4 Change Your Tires

While many vehicle owners prefer to use tires that work for every season, others prefer to use tires that are specific to get where they want to go. Winter tires are suited with a better grip for slippery weather, and summer times can withstand higher temperatures. If you have been using winter tires to better handle sleet and ice, your spring maintenance is the best time to change your tires to something appropriate for the summer.

#5 Have Your AC Checked

Of of the most important driving tips for the spring is to make sure you are free from any distractions and that you’re comfortable. No one wants to be in the middle of a traffic jam and have no way to cool down during the summer. Given that you probably haven’t used the AC during the winter, it is a good idea to have the AC assessed and checked to make sure it can handle the higher temperatures expected during the summer.

#6 Schedule Your Maintenance Plan Early

People are constantly moving, so it is common to not perform the essential maintenance their car needs, or they push it off until a serious problem comes up. However, keeping up with the most basic maintenance is the best way to keep your car in the best condition and avoid expensive repairs later on. Scheduling early maintenance repairs and having contact with your auto body shop constantly will help you take away some of the pressure. 

Even without major issues and accidents, car maintenance costs between one and two thousand dollars every year. Putting money aside during the year for maintenance can be extra helpful.

#7 Consider a Warranty For Used Cars

If you’re thinking about buying a vehicle this spring, it’s always a good idea to get a warranty. Even though during the spring there are fewer driving hazards, accidents still happen, and it’s imperative to have a plan in case you get in one. New cars come with a manufacturing warranty, but it gets more complicated when the car is used. The best way to protect your used car in case of an accident is to get a warranty plan.

Depending on the condition and age of your vehicle, you can get an extender warranty from the manufacturer. This is not always the option for every used car, but there are other options for you. Some car dealerships usually offer warranties, meaning they can cover the costs in the event of an accident. There are third-party companies – Endurance or CARCHEX – that can offer extended warranty plans after your warranty from the manufacturer has expired.

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