7 Driving Safety Tips For Older Drivers

//7 Driving Safety Tips For Older Drivers

7 Driving Safety Tips For Older Drivers

People grow older every day, that is a fact. Many older adults can drive safely well into their 80’s, or even after that age. However, as more and more Las Vegas drivers mature, they face a whole new set of challenges when it comes to driving. With increasing age come changes in physical, mental, and sensory abilities that can affect a person’s ability to drive safely. As the best Las Vegas collision center, we care about the safety of all our customers. Here are 7 driving safety tips for older drivers to consider so they can stay safe and secure on the road.

Driver Safety Tips For Older Drivers
Stay Physically Active for Better Reaction Times

Driving is a complex, fast-moving activity. On average an ordinary driver makes around 20 decisions per mile, with less than half a second to react to changes in the road. Increased age brings a greater chance of not being able to react as fast while driving. Remaining active is the perfect way to have better reaction times and stay sharper behind the wheel.

Have Your Hearing and Vision Tested

Poor vision and hearing can make it harder to drive safely on the road. Get them checked every year, and make sure that corrective lenses and hearing aids, if needed, are current and functioning properly.

Focus on the Road and Eliminate Distractions

Avoiding the use of your cell phone is one of the most important ways to keep distractions to a minimum. However, it is recommended to avoid drinking or eating behind the wheel and keep your focus on the road. If you cut distractions, you will be a better driver and will be able to react better when another driver is driving poorly. Negligent drivers in Las Vegas account for more than 60% of road accidents.

Know Your Limitations

If you have any limitations, don’t ignore them. If something makes you uncomfortable while driving, avoid it. You can begin making changes in your driving practices by:

  • Staying off highways and avoiding fast-moving traffic
  • Driving only during daylight hours
  • Avoid driving in bad weather such as rain, snow, and hail

Take a Driving Refresher Course

Older drivers can enroll in refresher courses offered in most driving institutions. Taking one can help you be a better and more responsible driver as well as assuring you that your skills are still good.

Drive Defensively

These days, drivers are even more distracted than ever because of their use of GPS devices, smartphones, audiobooks, etc. You can be a step ahead of them, by taking these extra steps to drive safely:

  • Leaving adequate space between your car and the one in front of you
  • Paying extra attention at intersections
  • Drive consistently with the traffic flow
  • Avoid any distractions while driving, like texting and consulting your GPS

Listen to the Concerns of Others

If your loved ones express concerns about your driving, it might be a good idea to consider your driving abilities. You can have a driving evaluation performed by an occupational therapist or a certified driver rehabilitation specialist.

Maybe you have been driving your whole life, but as you get older, it is important for you to understand and implement safety tips that can help you adjust to new challenges and ultimately become a better driver.

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