7 Benefits Of Using A Windshield Cover During Every Season

//7 Benefits Of Using A Windshield Cover During Every Season

7 Benefits Of Using A Windshield Cover During Every Season

Living in Las Vegas gives us locals the chance to appreciate all weather conditions. We get it every season. From the scorching desert sun to the rare snowfall, we have it all. We are lucky. Whether you love a winter wonderland or the blazing sun, they represent extra hazards while out on the road and some unique car care challenges. A windshield cover is one of the most popular accessories that car owners use to help them get through the scorching summer days. There are also 7 benefits of using a windshield cover all year round.

view from inside of a car of windshield in the rain

#1 Protects The Windshield From Scratches

When it comes to scratches a windshield is like a pair of glasses people wear. Just like a scratch on your favorite sunglasses can affect your vision, so can windshield scratches. At first, nicks, pits, and scratches may be hard to notice and won’t hinder or have any effect on your visibility. However, over time, they can add up and can cause glare, distortions, and other issues.

While your car is parked or stored away, covering it with a windshield cover will help prevent any damage to the glass from wear from the elements and from falling objects. This is true for the entirety of the year, from spring hail to summer downpours, falling leaves, and falling snow.

#2 Helps Keep Comfortable Temperatures All Year Round

You may not know that an exterior windshield cover can do anything more than protect it from scratches. However, it can make the inside of your car more comfortable. A windshield cover can actually insulate the glass. During the winter, the entire body of your car heats up when you drive, as the engine warms up, and while the vents blow heat inside the car. But, once it is turned off, all of this dissipates. A windshield cover can help keep the warm temperatures for longer during colder weather.

During the summertime, a windshield cover is designed to do the opposite. By creating more shade in the cabin and reflecting the sunlight, this cover can slow the rise of the temperature inside the vehicle. To help keep the car cool even if it is under direct sunlight special reflective material is used.

#3 Keeps The Windshield Free Of Snow

During the winter waking up on a dark and cold morning, is the last thing you want to do, especially getting the snow off your windshield. However, this is a necessary chore to clear your field of vision and see well enough to go on the road. Even if your car has a defrost function to melt the snow, this can take some extra time (which most people don’t have in the morning) and might only clear a small part of the windshield. Using a windshield cover will take this awful chore off your winter to-do list.

#4 A Windshield Cover Gets Rid Of The Need To Scrape Ice Away

If snow has accumulated on your car’s windshield, the fluffy, white stuff is most likely hiding a layer of ice. This is because your vehicle was still warm when it was parked and the first snowflakes that fell melted on the glass. As the car cooled off to the outdoor temperatures, this water began to freeze to the windshield. 

The defrost function in your car can help melt the ice, but the slush that results will make a mess and reduce visibility when the wipers try and wipe it away. Without using a windshield cover, the glass will have to be completely scraped before you get on the road.

#5 Prevents Sun Damage

Interior windshield covers are very inexpensive and are an effective way to protect the interior of your car from UV rays. Though this may seem like a concern only in the summertime, sunlight damage can happen throughout all seasons.

#6 Protects Your Hands

Scraping the snow and ice from your vehicle’s windshield with your own hands is a thankless job. Even if you are wearing gloves, chances are you will be fumbling for the snow scraper and will likely drop it. If you don’t wear gloves, or if they are not waterproof, you will also have to deal with wet, cold hands that are painfully red and sore.

#7 Increases The Driver’s Visibility

During the wintertime, using a windshield cover is the quickest and easiest way to get on the road. Once you remove the cover, your visibility should be optimal. There is no more need to wait for the snow to melt or to blow it away, neither to get cleared away by your wipers nor to melt it off by the defroster. Driving in the winter is already a challenge given the unsafe road conditions. A cover is an easy way to eliminate hazards and lower the chances of an accident.

Covers can be very helpful during other seasons. They keep the windshield clear and clean, preventing the buildup of leaves, resin, dirt, dust, and tree residue. In the long-term, covering the windshield can also extend its wipers by decreasing the wear of grime on the rubber and by making their job easier.

Windshield Repair in Las Vegas, NV

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