5 Ways To Keep Your Car Running In The Summer Heat

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5 Ways To Keep Your Car Running In The Summer Heat

Here at Sudden Impact Auto, we care about you and your car. Our experts recommend these 5 ways to keep your car running problem-free in the summer heat. August is the hottest month of the year, which means it can also be one of the most brutal months for your car. Summer trips and high temperatures can often result in breakdowns on the highway. However, there are ways to keep your car running in the summer heat with minimal trouble.

Car Running In Summer Heat

1. Checking Fluids

When it comes to engines, fluids are like blood. The engine needs them to function properly and stay cool. For instance, oil provides lubrication to prevent engine parts from grinding against each other. This prevents the build-up of heat and debris, which keeps the engine from breaking down. 

This is why it’s important to check your oil levels and to make sure any oil leaks you find are fixed. You also need to make sure your radiator is flushed and properly filled. Your radiator cools your engine to prevent overheating. Considering the high summer temperatures, keeping your engine cool is even more important when it comes to keeping your car running.

2. Charging Up The Air Conditioner

Over time your vehicle’s air conditioning system can lose efficiency and will need to be “recharged.”  While your vehicle will run just fine without an air conditioner, if you’ve ever driven without it in August, you know it’s not a pleasant experience.  

When your AC is running good, you can expect your car or truck to cool off within just a minute or so, and then keep you cool regardless of traffic conditions.

3. Air Filters

Fresh air is critical to a well-running vehicle and it is one of the most common ailments for vehicles in Las Vegas.  Regular maintenance and cleaning of your air filter, cabin filter, and other air cleaning systems will help your car run better and keep that AC working at its peak. Don’t skimp on your air filters either, just like you fresh air keeps your car or truck healthy.  Consult your owner’s manual scheduled maintenance for how and when to replace or clean your filters.

4. Belts And Hoses

100+ degree temperatures, humidity, and salt can quickly wear down the belts and hoses in your vehicle.  Nothing will leave you stilling on the side of the road faster than a broken belt or cracked hose, so check them now before they let you down.

5. Brakes 

In the Las Vegas area, there are a lot of cars on the road. With everyone going to fun places, brakes become one of the critical components on your vehicle.  Low-speed collisions are the number one traffic incident in our area and a good set of brakes will give you the few extra inches of stopping distance between a spilled cup of coffee and a call to your insurance company. 

Brakes, like your AC, don’t also just go out, over time they slowly degrade in performance and it is very easy to fail to notice the warning signs.  Be sure to ask about the condition of your vehicle brakes on your next scheduled maintenance.  

What Not To Do

While there is so much you can do to prevent an engine from overheating, there are also some things that you should avoid doing:

  • Don’t use water – Do not use water in the place of coolant. While water is ok to use during an emergency until coolant can be replaced, it’s not recommended to be used regularly. Coolant is preferred as it has additives that help to prevent rust and corrosion while also lubricating the cooling system components within the engine.
  • Don’t use cold water – If you must use water, avoid using cold water. It can cause damage to the engine block, and it can cause it to crack or to other damages. This requires large repairs. You should let your car cool completely before adding water.
  • Don’t allow overheating – This really places a strain on the engine. If you let your car overheat it can need large and expensive repairs of your engine, or having to replace it.

If you can tell your car is overheating, take it to a professional for an inspection right away. Your car may need a simple repair or the cooling system might need replacing. However, if the engine has been damaged, it may need replacing.

Professional Auto Body Shop in Las Vegas

After following these ways to keep your car running in the summer heat, a maintenance plan provided by our experts at Sudden Impact Auto can help you prevent the harmful and very serious damage to your engine as a result of overheating.

Sudden Impact Auto is a family-owned and operated shop with more than 35 years in business. You’ll be relieved knowing that we provide a written warranty. We also only perform services that you authorize. Call us today at 702-457-3002 for your next cooling flush and keep your cool this summer.