5 Things You Might Not Know About Vehicle Wraps

//5 Things You Might Not Know About Vehicle Wraps

5 Things You Might Not Know About Vehicle Wraps

If you’re interested in upgrading the appearance of your commercial vehicle, you might want to install a vehicle wrap. One of the most popular questions we get from vehicle owners when they’re trying to decide whether they want a vehicle wrap is: Do vehicle wraps ruin car paint? The short answer is no. When you apply a vehicle wrap to the exterior of a car, truck, or van it actually protects it from damages. So here are other 5 things you might now know about vehicle wraps: 

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#1 Vinyl Wrapping Protects Your Car Exterior

A vinyl vehicle wrap helps to protect your car, whether you’re leasing the car or you’ve bought one. If you park your car outside for extended periods of time, the sun UV rays can partake in fading your top coat of paint. When a car has vinyl wrap installed, the high-quality of the film actually absorb these harmful rays and it protects the paint from fading.

Bird droppings pose a danger to your car’s paint job due to its high acidic content. Vehicle wraps can protect your car from the prolonged exposure to bugs smashing on your car as well as bird droppings.

When you add a wrap to the car, it creates a barrier to minor strikes. If you find a ding in your car with the wrap on, when you take it off the car those dings will go along with it. Swapping out the wrap is much easier than replicating a new paint job or having dings removed.

In addition, a vinyl vehicle wrap can help to safeguard the paint on your car’s exterior from any scratches. This type of vehicle wrap serves as a protective barrier between flying debris and the car’s paint. If you’re leasing a car you can rest assured that you’re less likely to be held accountable for minor damages to the paint.

#2 Vehicle Wrap Removal Is Easy

When removing a properly applied vinyl vehicle wrap, you shouldn’t see any damages when it’s removed. You shouldn’t see any leftover residue or paint peeling either. However, if you want to prevent any imperfections, it’s important to follow the film manufacturer’s recommendations for removing the wrap. It’s important to know that if you leave a protective film on for longer than it says in the instructions, it could be more difficult to remove it.

#3 It’s Worth The Investment

To get a perfect vehicle wrap installation it is always best to work with a professional. By doing this, you’re ensuring that the work meets your highest standards and has a warranty. Warranties, of course, vary from installer to installer, but they usually offer coverage for trouble-free removal.

If you actually break down your current advertising costs, you’ll find out you will be getting a better ROI with a vehicle wrap. With a vehicle, your investment lets you make impressions many more times while being on the road than paying for ads that might hit people only once.

#4 Covers Paint Imperfections

If your car’s paint is not in ideal condition, a vinyl vehicle wrap offers a cost-effective solution to uplift the appearance of the vehicle. Experienced vinyl wrap installers have experience with all vehicle sizes and conditions. They are experts in covering and minimizing damages, for instance, scratches and faded paint.

#5 Is A Vehicle Wrap Right For You?

Vehicle wraps are a viable solution for business branding, advertising or simply making your car look amazing and unique. Maybe after reading about the 5 things you might not know about vehicle wraps, you’re ready o start! If you think that a vehicle wrap is what you need and you have questions about the design and installation, contact the pros at Sudden Impact Auto today!