5 Signs You Need New Auto Body Paint

//5 Signs You Need New Auto Body Paint

5 Signs You Need New Auto Body Paint

Most car owners go years without even thinking about getting new auto body paint for their cars. Many of them only get it after being involved in an accident and the car suffered dent damage. However, you don’t have to wait until your car’s paint is flaking and fading to get new auto body paint. There is no fast and hard rule that says when you need new auto body paint.

Look out for signs from your vehicle. With a new paint job, your car won’t only look like new, but it will also be protected against rust and will have a big impact on how long your car will last.

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Here are the five signs you need to get a new auto body paint.

#1 Accidents

A good reason to take a look at your car’s exterior is being involved in any kind of accident. Any scratch or ding from a fender-bender to a severe collision can be your car vulnerable to severe issues. It could drive fine, sure. But if the exterior of the car has paint bubbling or chipping, rust can set in fast.

Your car can drive fine, but an exterior with paint bubbling or chipping could open your car paint up to rust.

#2 Fading Paint

If your car paint is fading it means that it’s starting to wear and possibly tear. This is the main reason why people bring their cars in for new auto body paint. There are a lot of things that can cause your paint job to look not as good as new. Maybe you’ve parked your car in the sun for many years. Temperature can cause damage to your car’s exterior.


Whenever you don’t wash your car enough, grime and first can leave an uneven film and can damage the paint job. Also, if you don’t wax the car enough or at all, your call will need a new autobody paint sooner than you thought. Of course, fading can also happen with the passage of time. If your car is still driving like new, but no longer has that shine, it is time to get it repainted.

#3 Peeling Clear Coat 

The clear coat is your car’s first line of defense. Once this is lost, your car is immediately vulnerable to the elements and weather. If you see the paint is peeling from your car, this is the clear coat separating from the base coat. Once it is completely gone, then the base coat will start to lift from the body and your car will be exposed to damage.

If you see discolored areas or bubbles this is a clear sign of clear coat failure.

#4 Deep Scratches

Whether your car was scratched by a grocery cart, keyed, or sideswiped on the highway, the paint has to be fixed. A professional should look at the scratches and give you a recommendation. Depending on the severity of the scratch is how invasive the solution will be. Some scratches may be able to be buffed out, however, others will need a panel replacement. If your car needs to be repainted, an auto body paint professional will help you determine what is needed.


This is why it’s always important to drive carefully, whether you’re navigating through a parking lot or pulling into your garage. Double-check your mirrors when merging lanes and always check behind you when backing out of a tight space.

#5 Rust Issues

Rust happens more in colder climates since salt is used to treat ice. If you are buying a car from someone in a cold-weather environment, or you just moved to Las Vegas from a colder area, you may already have rust damage in your car.

If you didn’t really wash the underside of your car to get rid of any salt, it can eat away your car really quickly. Once winter is done, you may see some rust has developed.


Las Vegas is not immune to rust either. If you don’t clean your car regularly that little amount of rust can quickly deteriorate your car. In the worst cases, it can even result in holes.

If you get a new auto body paint job it can help this from happening. If you’ve been involved in a collision where a large scrape or dent compromised your car, get it painted at Sudden Impact Auto as part of the repair.

Auto Body Paint Jobs in Las Vegas

If you’re looking into a new auto body paint job for your vehicle, be it to fix it from a dent or scratch or just for maintenance, contact Sudden Impact Auto at 702-457-3002 to schedule an appointment in Las Vegas today!