4 Common Injuries Sustained in a Car Crash in Las Vegas

//4 Common Injuries Sustained in a Car Crash in Las Vegas

4 Common Injuries Sustained in a Car Crash in Las Vegas

Not all car crashes result in the same consequences. Minor fender benders, scrapes, scratches, and rear-ends can usually result in damage to the vehicle alone. But as the level of severity of a crash increases, so too does the injury sustained to the occupants. Here at Sudden Impact Auto we have the ability to repair your vehicle and get it back on the road, but fixing you is a different matter. Here are the 4 most common injuries sustained in a car crash in Las Vegas:

Car Crash Injury

Head Injuries in a Car Crash

Sustaining a head injury while involved in a car crash can have extreme consequences. From mild to severe concussions and traumatic brain injury, to skull fractures and loss of normal cognitive abilities, a head injury is a serious issue. They usually occur at high-speed collisions involving another vehicle from any angle. The driver and passengers are left with little protection when it comes to striking their head against the steering wheel, side windows, windscreen, dashboard, or unfortunately other occupants. The chances of death when involved in a car crash without a seat belt are greatly decreased according to the US Department of Transportation:

  • Fatal injury is reduced by 45% if you’re buckled up in the front seat of a passenger vehicle
  • In 2016, seat belts in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 14,668 lives

Back Injuries in an Auto Collision

Back injuries are also very common when it comes to auto collisions. Due to the sudden change in velocity from impact of another object or vehicle, the spine can be jerked out of place. These injuries can range from numbness or temporary tingling in the limbs and neck, to partial or complete paralysis if the spinal cord is snapped. Another back injury that we see frequently is a herniated disk. This injury involves one of your disks protruding from a tear that occurs between your vertebrae and it can be incredibly painful to experience. If you have sustained a back injury you should consult with an auto accident chiropractor who has experience in helping with your recovery.

Neck Injury in Car Accident

We have all heard of whiplash. It is perhaps the most well-known injury when it comes to car accidents. This soft tissue injury results from being rear-ended by another vehicle. The initial impact thrusts the body forward while the neck has not had time to react. The secondary occurrence when the injury occurs is when the neck snaps forward to accommodate the direction of the body. The symptoms of a whiplash injury can range from stiffness in the neck, dizziness and disorientation, concussion, temporary loss of normal cognitive functions, confusion, headaches, and serious neck pain.

Chest Injuries Sustained in a Vehicle Collision

Chest injuries are common when they are directly impacted with a collision. A chest injury can include broken or fractured ribs, internal bleeding, damage to the internal organs, punctured lungs and ruptured spline. Severe bruising always shows up when a chest injury is involved as this is your body’s way of telling you something serious is wrong. Chest injuries do not usually get associated with car accidents compared to the initial 3, but they are usually very serious and require immediate medical attention.

Common Types of Car Crash Injuries

These are the 4 common types of car crash injuries usually sustained. If you’re unsure the steps to take when involved in an auto accident, consult with our guide here. The first step should always be to make sure that everybody involved is medically okay. If not, you need to contact medical professionals immediately. If you have been involved in a recent crash and need legal advice, consult with our friends at letsfightthis.com for aggressive and compassionate legal representation.

Auto Vehicle Repair in Las Vegas

We can’t help with any personal injuries sustained, but we have the knowledge and ability to repair your vehicle to the condition it was in before the accident. If you would like a free car inspection in Las Vegas call us at 702-457-3002 now. We are the best family owned auto body shop in Las Vegas and serving our community is our honor.