3 Things You Have To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

//3 Things You Have To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

3 Things You Have To Do When Your Car Breaks Down

Generally, most people think their car is pretty reliable. Even when cars have nagging issues, they usually take you from one place to another. However, although it is rare, cars can break down. One of the worst-case scenarios is when your car breaks down on the highway. With traffic all around you and your car suddenly stopping working, it can be very easy to overreact to the situation or panic. The most important thing you need to remember is that when your car breaks down, don’t panic! If you do, you can end up causing issues or an accident on the road and make everything worse for everyone in it.

car broken on the side of the road

Take a breath, calm down, and follow the following steps:

#1 Turn On Your Hazard Lights

If your car stops working, the first thing you have to do is to alert everyone on the road that you’re having a problem. Turn on your hazard lights immediately so people know you need some space and to stay clear.

Once your lights are on, see if you can get out of the way towards the shoulder of the road. If you can, that is great and now you can take a breather. However, if you can’t get to the shoulder, turn the hazard lights on and slow down gently until your car stops.

#2 Stay in the Car

This is very important when your car breaks down on the freeway or highway. Staying in the car is your safest option and will avoid anyone else from getting hurt. If its night time, turn on your dome lights to make your vehicle more visible. Don’t try dodging through oncoming traffic in the hopes of getting out of the road. You may feel hopeless sitting in a car that won’t work, but it is so much safer than getting struck by a car that didn’t see you across the freeway.

#3 Call a Tow Truck

If you have a phone on you, you can look up the phone number of the nearest tow truck service and call them to come and help you. If you don’t have a phone on you, it is best to always keep a list of emergency numbers in your glove compartment in case you need the services of a tow truck company. If you have AAA, you can give them a call at 800-AAA-HELP and have them take care of everything for you. When the tow truck gets to you, have them tow your car to the nearest auto body repair shop so they can determine what the issue is.

Tips From Car Experts

  • If the electrical system failed for some reason and you can’t turn on your hazard lights, use a brightly colored piece of paper or flag to alert other people that your car has broken down. Open your window to put the flag in place.
  • It is always a good idea to have the number of a trusted mechanic on hand or an address at least. You don’t want the tow truck company to take your car to an untrustworthy ill-prepared mechanic. Look up reputable auto repair shops near you before you get your car towed.
  • Our last tip for any road trip is to have snacks with you at all times. If your car breaks down, it may be hours before you get picked up. Having food available can go a long way and can help you avoid panicking and think clearly.

Trustworthy Auto Body Repair in Henderson, NV

Cars breaking down is an unfortunate situation that happens to thousands of people every day. If you are prepared with the right phone numbers and a strategy it can help you easily navigate this unfortunate situation. If you are in the Las Vegas or Henderson area and are in need of car repair, contact Sudden Impact Auto at 702-457-3002.