The windshield is one of the first things that people notice when they look at a car. Moreover, when you’re driving on the road, the windshield is as important for your visual navigation as the engine is for getting you around. In simple words, a damaged windshield can make driving a nuisance and put your life at risk.

While big cracks on the windshield are noticeable to the naked eye, you can easily miss the rock chip repair or a small scratch on it. Preventing the chip on your vehicle’s windshield is quite difficult, but there are measures that you can take to limit the damage to your windshield. The most obvious measure is getting your windshield repaired from a windshield repair and replacement service in Las Vegas. However, at times, the damage to your windshield has gone beyond the repair stage. At this stage, the only viable option you have is windshield replacement. 

So, how do you know that your vehicle needs a new windshield? The following are 5 signs your vehicle needs windshield replacement.


5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Windshield Replacement

1. Compromised View.

It doesn’t really matter how small that chip, crack or discoloration is, as a driver you are responsible for making split-second decisions. If you mistake a chip for another vehicle out of the corner of your eye, or a large crack results in a blind spot and you miss something crucial, you could end up in a serious car crash. Even if the result is a fender bender, you’re still faced with much more aggravation, frustration, and cost than if you had just fixed it in the first place.

2. Inspection Coming Up

Take a look at your inspection sticker. Is the date for renewal coming up? You’ll want to get that crack taken care of before then, as large chips, cracks, and sharp edges can lead to a failure to pass inspection. Not only will you have to pay for a second inspection after you get the issue fixed, but you may also get caught with an expired sticker in the meantime from law enforcement and receive a ticket. 

3. Pitting

If you’re on the road a lot, particularly the highway driving long distances every day, you probably experience a lot of pitting on your windshield. As a result, flying debris, such as tiny rocks and gravel that repeatedly hit your windshield, will leave small pits. You may even notice these more in the morning or at dawn when the sun is hitting your windshield. This can be a very dangerous situation because those pits are compromising your view. They tend to reflect light, which messes with your focus and visibility, especially during high-glare times of the day. 

4. White at the Edges

In the interest of safety, windshields are treated with PVB or Poly Vinyl Butral at the time of manufacture. This keeps it from shattering into a million pieces if you’re in a collision. Instead, it will break in rounded chunks that aren’t as likely to cut you or the other occupants. If you’re noticing a white haze at the edges, this special plastic is starting to come away from the glass and should be replaced.

5. Missing pieces

We’ve all seen cars or trucks on the roadway with missing windshields or parts, which the owner has covered up with duct tape or trash bags. Windshields keep out the elements, critters, and bugs from the interior of your vehicle, but they also provide critical structural support that prevents the frame from sagging. 

When you do finally get it replaced, the damage has already occurred, resulting in glass alignment problems.

Windshield Replacement and Repair in Las Vegas

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