The 11 Questions We Get Asked About Car Paint Jobs | Las Vegas Auto Repair

//The 11 Questions We Get Asked About Car Paint Jobs | Las Vegas Auto Repair

The 11 Questions We Get Asked About Car Paint Jobs | Las Vegas Auto Repair

Here at Sudden Impact Auto Body we deal with a lot of car collision repairs in Las Vegas. So it is only natural that along with repairing the car bodywork, we also have to touch up or redo the car paintwork.
Car Paint Job in Las Vegas, NV

The 11 Questions We Get Asked About Auto Paint Jobs in Las Vegas, NV

Here is a list of some of the common questions we get asked by our customers. If you have been in a recent car accident and need some professional auto body advice, leave a comment below.

1. Why Do I Need To Get A Car Paint Job?

Car paint jobs are often required when the vehicle has been in a collision of some kind. Not only can the shape of the body become distorted, but the car paint can become chipped away. This paint damage further magnifies the collision repair needed. You may also need a car paint job completed if the usual wear and tear over many years has occurred. In the Las Vegas climate, the heat and dryness can cause the paint to flake over time, and rust is also an issue if the maintenance of the car hasn’t been kept up.

2. How Long Will A New Paint Job On A Car Last?

The longevity of car paint is not something that anybody thinks about when purchasing a vehicle, either brand new or used. But is it too much to ask that an overlooked feature should last the entire lifespan of the car? The big manufacturers don’t offer a lifetime warranty on paint, as it is exposed to the natural elements 99% of the time. But with the proper care and maintenance, you can make your car paint last for a long time. We also provide services to just touch-up the paint, to gibe it that ‘just off the shelf’ look.

3. What Goes Into The Cost Of An Auto Paint Job?

The materials are costly, depending on which type of paint finish you go for. We will go more into the different types of auto paint later on. Another cost that you need to consider is the labor hours. Car paint is not a simple process. It is not as easy as picking up a red spray can and going over the previously damaged area. There is the process of mixing, blending, and applying, while having to perfect the correct shade and smoothness that makes your car look aesthetically perfect. This can require multiple coats of paint.

4. How Do You Prepare For An Auto Paint Job?

Preparing the car for an auto paint job does take time, and has to be performed with the most intricate care. Our technicians make sure that all parts that are not a part of the panels are removed or taped over. This includes your entire trim, the windows, wipers, and any lights that might be exposed. This takes great care as it is very hard to remove if paint gets on these parts.

5. Should I Consider A Paint Job On My Car?

If you have been in a recent car collision in Las Vegas and you can see visible paint damage than we would definitely recommend getting it taken are of immediately. If there is any damaged areas to the car paint then it will only get worse over time. The paint will begin to flake, peel, and spread throughout the bodywork. Don’t wait around, call Sudden Impact Auto Body today on (702) 457-3002. You can also find our online contact form here.

6. Why Is Car Paint Important?

Car paint is not only to benefit the aesthetic appeal of your automobile. It also provides added protection. One of the most external damaging factors to a car is the rust problem. Rust occurs when the bodywork is exposed to moisture and oxygen, something that your car paint actually protects it from. So don’t leave your car bodywork exposed for a long time, it will only add to the cost of repair.

7. Why Is Auto Paint So Expensive?

As we have already stated above, the cost of painting your car can be quite expensive. This is due to the materials used and the labor hours that it will take to complete the job. Painting cars in Las Vegas is an exact science. In order to get the perfect mix of colors and blend it in to the rest of the bodywork can take multiple coats. If the paint is off by even one degree of shade it is highly noticeable, which is why we always recommend getting a professional auto body shop in Las Vegas to paint your car.

8. What Are The Differences Between Car Paint And Wall Paint?

This might seem like a silly question however it gets asked quite often. For the most part car paint is generally two-part acrylic resin paint with metallic (or ceramic crystal) mixed in. Wall paint is usually water based and will dry by absorption and evaporation. We would definitely recommend not painting even the smallest part of your car with your run of the mill wall paint!

9. How Hard Would It Be To Paint Your Car On Your Own?

If we haven’t already stressed this enough, even if you have all of the correct materials, painting a car is a difficult process, and one that you should leave to the professionals if you have no prior experience. Not only does the exact shade of color have to match the entire car, you need to make sure that no paint gets on anything but the bodywork. The level of detail required is something that is always underestimated.

10. What Should You Consider When Changing Car Colors?

We have heard of a number of reasons why people want to change the color of the car. Some are superstitious, and feel that their current color brings bad luck. Others are for security (did you know that a white colored car is the easiest to paint over, which is why it is the most targeted when it comes to theft). And others just simply want change, but don’t want to go to the trouble of getting a brand new car. What you should consider when changing the color of your car is mainly the cost of the project, and the time that your car will be off the road. As we have already explained it is not an exact science, but you could be looking at a couple of business days, as we have to go through the entire cleaning and applying process. If you’re interested in having a custom paint job in Las Vegas completed, give us a call on (702) 457-3002.

11. What Are The Different Types of Car Paint?

There are three main types of car paint that you can choose from. These differ in visual look and cost.

Solid Car Paint

This comes in a basic, non-metallic form. It usually consists of one coat of paint followed by a lacquer coat (clear coat) which is there to protect from chips and scratches. There is also the option of having an isocyanate agent added to the acrylic paint, removing the need for a clear coat to be added.

Metallic Car Paint

This is similar to the solid paint mentioned above, however with the difference of having powdered metal added. The quantity of this metal is different across manufacturers however it is usually 1 part to 50 of aluminum powder. It usually takes multiple coats of both the paint and lacquer, and has a distinct shine, which separates it from the basic solid paintwork. It is more expensive to repair because it is more difficult to match, and if not professionally done can be quite noticeable. This is why it is more expensive to repair.

Pearlescent Car Paint

The most expensive type of car paint available, this replaces the metallic particles with ceramic crystals. These crystals don’t just reflect light but they also refract it. This results in the light changing the deep color, which looks very cool in direct sunlight! As with Metallic car paint, Pearlescent is also very difficult to repair as matching it is extremely difficult, even for professionals. This paint comes at a significant cost, so while we never advise to not treat yourself, it would help if you applied it to a new or up market car.

Choosing A Highly Reputable Car Collision Repair Shop In Las Vegas

If you need help choosing an auto body shop in Las Vegas you can check out a previous article of ours here. We always stress to customers that it isn’t always the best option to go with a cheap car collision shop. It is also not recommended to go to an insurance promoted Nevada auto collision repair center, as they won’t always have your best interests at heart. Read more on why you should choose an independent auto body shop instead, here.

If you have been in a recent car collision in Las Vegas and you have noticed that there has been minor paint damage, you will need a highly experienced auto body shop to take care of the problem. Here at Sudden Impact Auto Body we pride ourselves in providing a quality car repair service at a competitive rate. Don’t hesitate to call us on (702) 457-3002 or submit our online contact form here. We look forward to your business.




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