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At Sudden Impact, we’re about getting you back on the road and on with your life. We know how important trust is between driver and repair shop. To earn your trust, we’ve been certified by many major vehicle manufacturers. This means we repair your vehicle following your manufacturer’s specific guidelines using their repair procedures. And we prefer to use parts manufactured by them, OEM, or original equipment manufacturer parts. These are designed specifically by your manufacturer for your vehicle. New after market parts are generic copies of OEM parts made by another manufacturer. Although they typically cost less, they are made of lesser quality. We never use used or salvaged parts recovered from old or totaled vehicles.

Insurance companies set their own policies on after market part use. Unfortunately, we have no control over their policies. If you are not satisfied with after market parts, you may speak with your insurance company claim representative or appraiser to get them to authorize the use of OEM parts.

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